Biden Regime Allows Big Pharma to Loot Medicare


by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

Earlier this month I reported that my Medicare account has been billed by three separate labs for expired Covid tests sent to me as “totally free, paid for by the Government. Please Do Not Return.” 

“Paid for by Government” means paid for by Medicare.  I now have 24 expired Covid tests for which Medicare has paid.

Since reporting this a few days ago I have now received Medicare notices that FIVE more labs have sent me AT MEDICARE’S EXPENSE Covid test kits.  These kits have not year arrived, but the bill to Medicare has.  


One is from Chicago Care Lab Services, W. Pratt Blvd, Chicago, IL, claim number 10-23136-413-830

One is from Cipher Global LLC, Pagosa Springs Dr, Auror, IL, claim number: 09-23097-395-630

One is from Az Labs Limited, W. Peterson Ave, Chicago, IL, claim number: 09-23117-216-810

One is from Lone Star Medlab, W. Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano TX, claim number: 39-23129-711-040

One is from Sval, S. Stonebridge Dr, McKinney, TX, claim number: 22-23153-708-850

Let’s think about this for a minute. If these 5 additional Covid test kits for which my Medicare account has been billed actually arrive, and each contains the 8 test kits of the previous three, I will have at Medicare’s expense 64 expired Covid test kits.

Does the Biden regime which authorized these billings think I am going to catch Covid 64 times, never recognize the symptoms and test myself 64 times?

Or are these billings not authorized?  Is the purpose of the message, “Paid for by government. Do Not Return” to make me think the billings are legitimate so that I don’t report them as fraud.

I reported one of the first ones along with another billing that clearly had nothing to do with me and was a mistake or fraud, and it took an enormous amount of time.  I concluded that the Medicare fraud unit is trained not to believe those who report fraud, which we are asked to do.

Now I am beginning to wonder if the source of the fraud, if that is what it is, resides internally in Medicare.  Are officials getting kickbacks from fraudulent billings?

In America today you can’t know.  The liberals attributed their idealistic faith in government to the government, and the liberals misguided confidence in government serves to protect government from suspicion.

Let’s suppose I can identify the Congressional committees (House and Senate) that oversee Medicare and send them this article.  Can the committee members do anything about it without jeopardizing their campaign contributions from Big Pharma?  Will the committee staff overwhelmed with other issues want to be bothered by a letter that comes in the mail.  The easiest thing for them to do is to decide the letter writer is just another kook.

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