Back to School With 5G.Eris


by James Grundvig, American Media Periscope:

The Cabal targets the children. They always have. The Maui firestorm is only the latest piece of evidence in the globalists’ game plan to destroy family units and separate the children. Missing. Murdered. Trafficked. The elites take the child sacrifice any way they can.

Before Covid, Big Government’s intrusion into Americans’ lives was limited. That changed with the use of incrementalism. The Bush Administration used mission creep in the wake of the 9/11 intel agencies’ attacks on New York City and the Pentagon. After the anthrax psyop that fall in 2001 (Agenda 21), the globalists rolled out the Patriot Act. They followed that with one prep and biowarfare act after another leading to Event 201 (Agenda 21) in 2019 and COVID-19 in 2020.


Today, the Cabal’s attacks and agenda are no longer hidden but thrust in our faces.

[Credit: James Grundvig zoom in on a 5G high-mast tower in Sarasota, Florida.]

Amid Hawaii’s desperate coverup of the 2,000 missing people in Lahaina—700 bodies recovered over the weekend—many of them children sent home early from school, the globalists are losing control of the narrative. Only the most double-dosed, triple-boosted, masked-up “normies” fail to see the growing threat and attacks on freedom and sovereignty.

From the Biolab to Maui to ‘Eris’ Variant

In Maui, the DEW lasers incinerated ceramic tiles and concrete structures to dust, while melting aluminum, which has a melting point twice as hot as a wildfire. Fine-tuned, the DEW beams left one wood house alone as well as objects painted blue, such as café table umbrellas. On the other hand, wildfires are less picky, more wild, and spread where there’s fuel. Wood houses and canvas umbrellas are the material definition of fire fuel.

[Credit: James Grundvig screen scraped from an online video by anonymous patriot.]

A demonstration of the blue spectrum color, fine-tuning technology dropped on Twitter/X on Monday, August 21, 2023.

With so much attention focused on the mass murder in Maui, despite a larger DEW fire in Kelowna, Canada, and the massive flooding of Southern California by Hurricane Hilary, the Deep State felt the pressure to change the narrative again.

First, the exposure of the Chinese bio-lab with 20 pathogens—not a pregnancy test site—in Fresno, California. Then the Maui firestorm sucked the Fresno bio lab out of the news cycle in a flash. With so many digital patriots exposing the crimes against humanity and ties to the Climate Cult to the “Smart Island” Maui project, they needed to change the narrative once more.

They tore a page out of the Covid playbook.

Lost First Movers’ Advantage

After failure to produce “bodies in the street,” as the director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Tedros, warned in the spring of 2020, what will the Big Pharma death cult come up with this autumn to strike fear in the disbelieving masses?

Remember in 2020, the CDC folded all flu season statistics into the “COVID-19” umbrella term, which today they call “Long Covid” that now includes all the injuries and excess deaths from the Covid vaccines. This puts enormous pressure on the global health apparatus to orchestrate and produce an bigger event than the Covid psyop. It will be hard to fool the awakened class a second time in three years.

Bottom line: The globalists lost the first movers’ advantage. The element of surprise is gone. They can’t trick people using the same playbook. It’s too fresh in the collective memory. That means, without a lethal bioweapon disease unleashed on the public, how will they pull off Pandemic 2.0?

My guess is they will run a false flag hoax that will need to kill and injure children in numbers as large or larger than in Maui, to strike fear. They need bodies and high death tolls as opposed to a psychological operation to force the masses to comply this autumn. Without a real event, any psyop will be picked apart within days by crowdsourcing digital patriots, who will expose the media lies as soon as they are discussed or published.

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