Yahoo News Runs Article: Blacks Should “Take Things From White People”


by Selwyn Duke, The New American:

In 2020, a Black Lives Matter organizer characterized looting as “reparations” and claimed that labeling someone a criminal was “based on racism.” Now a writer has echoed this, insisting in a recent piece that the only solution to “white supremacism” is to “take things from white people.” Worse still, Yahoo! News decided to republish the article, thus giving it vast exposure.


The piece, bluntly titled “Take things from white people,” was authored by an angry man named Michael Harriot and originally published at the grio. It’s essentially a very long rant that opens with the question, “What is the opposite of backlash?” The author then complains about the Supreme Court’s recent affirmative action decision and writes (reality checks inserted in square brackets):

Over the last five years, the long game of white supremacy has stymied police reform [read: handcuffing cops], thwarted student debt relief [read: having blue-collar people pay off white-collar people’s debt], criminalized Black history [read: protected kids from racist Critical Race Theory], ousted Black educators attempting to equalize education [read: shielded students from indoctrination] and made it harder for Black people to cast ballots [read: combated vote fraud].

…Most white Americans (57%) disapprove of selective colleges considering race and ethnicity in affirmative action. Eighty percent of whites do not support reparations for the descendants of enslaved people, compared to 77% of Black Americans — most of whom descended from enslaved people — who approve. The vast majority of Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans feel more needs to be done to ensure equal rights for all; only 42% of whites agree. In fact, most whites (62%) think our country has done enough or too much to give Black people equal rights. Perhaps it is a “frontlash.” Maybe “prelash” is a better word. “Forwardlash” sounds too benevolent. In any case, these pro-white victories are simply byproducts of the constant, unchanging stream anti-Black sentiment that periodically pierces the wall of Black defenses. And while Black America is furiously defending itself, the white reaction is always the same:

White people come to take things.

Now, Harriot does what’s common among racial agitators: He cherry-picks data and presents a simple black/white dichotomy. The reality is more complex, however. Consider that it isn’t just 57 percent of whites who oppose race-based affirmative action; Asians also do 52-37, while Hispanics are evenly split, according to the poll Harriot cites.

As for reparations, 65 percent of Asians and 58 percent of Hispanics join the whites in opposing it. In fact, every single demographic apart from blacks — whether defined by race/ethnicity, income, age, or educational level — opposes reparations. Why, even a plurality of Democrat/Democrat leaners do.

So while Harriot tries to make whites appear the outliers here, it is blacks who oppose the rest of America on reparations.

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