With Growing Levels Of Hysteria And Chaos Across America Even Before TEOTWAWKI Leading To A Mass Exodus From The Cities, These Common Places Become Death Traps When SHTF


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

On July 2nd, Susan Duclos put out this story on ANP titled “Liberals Fleeing Destroyed States And Cities Run By Democrats Are Going To Bring The Same Destruction And ‘Utopian’ Delusions To The Red States They Flee To,” a story within which she proved that ‘liberal political policies‘ were forcing even ‘liberals’ to flee a bunch of liberal cities and states.

Warning within that story that record high and still-exploding crime rates, ‘legalized‘ shoplifting, and rampant homelessness leading to people openly defecating in public, and right on the streets or sidewalks, as Michael Snyder warns in this new story at The Economic Collapse Blog, tens of millions of Americans suddenly see what’s happening to the cities and ‘blue states‘ and are ‘getting out of Dodge‘ as quickly as they can.

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Pointing out also that, with our country quite literally disintegrating before our eyes, many are expecting things to turn even crazier as the economy continues to crumble and the rampant corruption within the US govt is further exposed, numerous ANP commenters have also pointed out in our comment sections the growing ‘craziness‘ seen all across America.

And the root of much of that ‘insanity’ can be seen in this recent story by Susan Duclos reporting on the explosion of ‘tranny killers‘ across America, with a series of comments by ‘Shazam,‘ ‘Darkest‘ and ‘My2cents‘ about ‘Elliot Page,’ who was once known as ‘Ellen Page,’ hitting the nail on the head.

Commenting about this Twitter report that “Elliot Page has revealed to the Los Angeles Times that she realized she was ‘transgender’ when she started hearing and then talking to a voice in her headfollowing a psychotic episode of self-harm. Days later a doctor gave approval for her breasts to be removed,” since when have doctors ‘prescribed’ cutting off body parts as a ‘cure’ for mental illness?

Shazam: “Elliot page is another example. By definition if you want to mutilate yourself or think you’re something you’re not, you are insane. Don’t need to hear voices or cut yourself like she does… but the doc that immediately approved her surgery after her patient’s report of obvious inpatient psych problems is a criminal.”

Darkest: In most photos of transgenders, the eyes seem to harbor a crazed glazed-over stare. I wonder if it is the hormones? Or something else? 

My2cents: I believe it is demonic. At its root it is a spiritual problem.

And ‘My2cents’ comment brings us to the next section of this story. It’s not just ‘trannies’ who’ve gone ‘batsh*t crazy’ in 2023, cutting off body parts in insane attempts to be something they are not and will never be. As Rob Pue at Wisconsin Christian News had pointed out in this recent story titled “The Root Of The Fruit, this is what the world gets for abandoning God. 

The world has abandoned God and His Word like no other time in history since, perhaps, the days of Noah and Lot. And that’s the cause of the effects we’re seeing today. That’s the root of the rotten, bitter fruit our world is bearing today. 

When a people and a nation reject God Almighty, the effect is that they lose their moral compass. Without a moral compass, we wander in confusion, insanity and delusion. Without God’s moral compass to guide us, we just do what we want — regardless of the consequences, regardless of the effects.

So with insanity exploding all across the nation as it breaks apart in scattered bits and pieces, and that insanity also a huge result of the American people being constantly lied to by our mainstream media and the ‘government,’ Michael Snyder concluded his recent story with this warning.:

Our country is disintegrating right in front of our eyes. 

And as it falls to pieces, there will be great chaos, and this will especially be true in blue states and in major cities. 

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