We Are Starting To Experience The Apocalyptic Weather Of The End Times


by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

Have you noticed that we are being hit by an endless series of weather emergencies?  Here in the middle of 2023, farms in the Midwest are being devastated by a seemingly endless drought, massive dust storms are happening as far north as Illinois, residents of Vermont just experienced the worst flooding that they have seen in nearly 100 years, and the Southwest is being baked by unprecedented heat.  I realize that this is a very sensitive topic.  A large portion of the population insists that what we are witnessing is “normal”, while another large portion of the population believes that we can fix the weather by changing our behavior.  Unfortunately, both groups are wrong.  What we are beginning to experience is the apocalyptic weather of the end times, and things are only going to get crazier during the months and years that are in front of us.

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Right now, the horrifying heat wave that is frying the Southwest is making headlines all over the nation

Across a wide swath of the U.S. from Texas to Nevada, a major heat wave that is threatening to break temperature records continued to bake parts of the South and Southwest on Wednesday, sending people scrambling for relief and adding to what has become a series of weather extremes that researchers say fit the pattern of a warming environment.

Temperatures well into the triple digits are expected this weekend from California to Texas to Florida, with parts of Nevada forecast to reach 116 degrees Fahrenheit and cities in Arizona expected to hit a staggering 118 F.

Temperatures this high are life-threatening, and it is likely that quite a few people will die from the heat in the days ahead.

In Phoenix, there is a possibility that the city could actually see the 120 degree mark for only the fourth time ever…

‘While the 120-degree mark is not a certainty for Phoenix, it is possible late this week and this upcoming weekend,’ AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski warned this week of forecast temperatures for the famously arid city, known as Arizona’s Valley of the Sun.

The city has seen 13 consecutive 110F-plus days – and now weather experts warn the city may soon challenge its all-time record of 18 days.

The all-time record high in Phoenix is 122 degrees.

There is a chance that record could get broken.

But even now, the heat is so intense that it is actually melting tar on the roofs of some homes…

‘How bad is the Phoenix heat wave? The tar is melting off the newish roof on our house,’ Astrid Galvan shared in a post.

On TikTok, one hilarious resident shared a video of himself frying an egg on a grill that was not plugged in but heated up by the sun.

‘Gotta love Az summers,’ the creator captioned the video.

That is hot!

Unfortunately, conditions are going to be like this for a while.

These oppressive temperatures are being caused by a “heat dome” that is “now set to persist through much of the month”

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