The Control of Censorship and Messaging


by Tom Renz, Esq. , America Outloud:

I want to start by tying two things together that seem very divergent, Marjorie Taylor Green (MTG) being booted from the Freedom Caucus, and an article that came out from Truth Based Media, “Expert Warns CBDC’s Could Lead Economies to a Dark Path – Where Governments Dictate What You Can Purchase.” What do these two things have to do with each other?

When we look at the CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), we are talking about programmable money. The government has complete control of your money, and can take it away whenever they feel like it. The crooks in DC will decide if you are contributing and being a good little socialist, and if you are, then you’ll get more CBDC; if you don’t, you won’t; it’s that simple. That may sound like a bit of a stretch, but let me remind you, in Missouri v. Biden, we just found out that Biden has been working with big tech to censor us. The government doesn’t care about the Constitution and views it as an impediment to its tyrannical goals. The idea that if we give the government this power, they won’t leverage it, is stupid; of course, they will.


With MTG, we have this question of ideological purity, and it causes a ton of fights in the freedom movement. With COVID, we see this too; everyone is constantly questioning who’s controlled opposition. The problem is that there is controlled opposition in some cases, but the vast majority of people that I know who get called controlled opposition aren’t. There are a couple that I think might be, but the problem is how do you distinguish and what’s the line?

So MTG got booted out of the freedom caucus, she got in a fight with Boebert, sold out on the debt ceiling, she supported McCarthy, so she looks like she’s selling out a lot, but is she? I don’t know, she’s done great stuff, and I’ve agreed with her on many things. MTG voted for the debt ceiling but so did Jim Jordan; they both said we have to do this, and I thought it was terrible.

Why didn’t we restrict the spending on IRS agents and trans in school? Those things are easy to include, but the Republican RINO leadership wouldn’t support it. McCarthy could have easily pushed that, and he didn’t; why? We must have the courage to talk about this and get to the truth. Jim Jordan has done a lot of good, and so has MTG, Boebert, Gaetz, and many of these people; the question is, are they turncoats? Are they playing both sides?

Of course, they are in some part; that’s their job. I am not a fan of negotiating out of our principles, but the question is, how much is too much? Of course, they have to work with and talk to RINOs; that’s their job; they have to work with everyone to get us the best conservative deal they can. Every person in Congress does something stupid eventually, but the question is, do we throw them out?

Have we become The Hunger Games? There’s an article in Truth Based Media, “Globalists ‘15-Minute Cities’ Mirror ‘Hunger Games.’” I watched the Hunger Games movies; basically, you see what the World Economic Forum (WEF) has laid out for us for the future if the Great Reset is implemented. You’ll have the ruling elites living the good life and the rest of us living a life of servitude to them. I think it’s essential that we look at this. What are we doing? This is something that is underway. One of the things that happened post covid was the globalist monsters got together and tried to find out what went wrong. Why didn’t everyone get vaccinated and stay locked down and in fear forever?

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