France Has Fallen: After 1,000 Buildings Burnt, 5,600 Vehicles Destroyed, 3,300 Arrests, Government Vows to Crack Down – On Free Speech


by Richard Abelson, The Gateway Pundit:

89% of Frenchmen condemn the violence committed against security forces, leaving left-wing riot apologists in the tiny minority. A man was killed by a flash-bang grenade in Marseille. The GoFundMe for the police officer involved in the deadly shooting of Nahel M. reached €1.6 M. The Macron government proposed cracking down on free speech instead of the rioters.


The situation in France calmed Tuesday night, on the 8th night of unrest since the officer-involved death of 17-year-old driver Nahel, with only 16 arrests, including 7 in the Paris region. There were 116 fires on public roads, 78 vehicles burned and 8 buildings set on fire. 1,243 people have been indicted since June 30. Bus and tram service was restored, which had been suspended since Friday. Police arrested three men with 300 kilos of fireworks in Paris.

There have been 1,000 buildings burnt, 5,600 vehicles destroyed, and 3,300 arrests since last week in France.

According to a survey for BFMTV on Tuesday, July 4, 89% of respondents condemn the violence perpetrated against the police. Only 20% voiced understanding for the violence. 66% blamed parental negligence, 55% blamed lax law enforcement and 43% blamed drug trafficking in some cities.  French confidence in the police remains high (71%), while 76% criticized the government’s handling of the violence. 50 % saw right-wing leader Marine Le Pen strengthened by the riots, 31% said she would have handled the riots better.

A 27-year-old man named Mohamed was killed by a flashbang grenade in Marseille Saturday night, July 1, where videos seemed to show armored cars driving down the street and firing at rioters. His widow claimed Mohamed was not a rioter, but was merely “taking pictures”.

The GoFundMe started by right-wing pundit Jean Messiha to support the officer accused of “voluntary manslaughter” in the death of 17-year-old Nahel was closed after raising €1.6 M. Nahel’s mother filed charges against Messiha, accusing him of seeking to “criminalize (the teenager) and create a movement to support the police officer who shot Nahel.” Messiha filed counter-suit for defamation. A GoFundMe for Nahel’s family only raised €400,000.

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