HUGE: The CDC has been manipulating ICD codes on death certificates to conceal the fact that covid vaccines are a common cause of death


by Lance D Johnson, Natural News:

An undercover journalist obtained all the death certificates from Minnesota dating back to 2015 and took a closer look at the ICD codes (International Classification of Diseases) that were assigned by the CDC. It turns out that the CDC has been manipulating the ICD codes to conceal the fact that covid vaccines are a cause of death on the original death certificates.


Covid-19 vaccines were listed as a cause of death on death certificates, even though there was systemic pressure to ignore the fact

Death certificates list all the known and suspected causes of death (CoD) that played some role in the demise of the decedent. The person who fills out the death certificate writes a text description of the causes of death, but the final ICD codes are determined by the CDC bureaucracy.

States send all their death certificates to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for analysis. The CDC uses algorithms to match the causes of death to corresponding ICD codes. The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is a medical classification list provided by the World Health Organization (WHO). The ICD has been around since the 19th century and serves a broad range of uses globally, providing critical knowledge on the extent, causes and consequences of human disease and death worldwide. The ICD standardizes data collection and enables large scale research. It supports payment systems, service planning, administration of quality and safety, and health services research. The ICD-10 (10th edition) was used during this time.

When the covid-19 vaccine was rolled out via Operation Warp Speed, the CDC maintained that the injection was safe. The government agencies considered any potential side effects as rare or mild. This led the entire medical establishment to turn a blind eye to any serious or lethal vaccine adverse events, in a medical environment that was financially incentivized to deceive, in a culture that bullied those who made honest observations and drew objective conclusions regarding vaccine side effects.

Still, there were plenty of cases where medical professionals could not deny that the covid-19 vaccines played a role in a person’s demise. In these cases, the covid-19 vaccine was listed as a cause of death on the death certificate. However, when the CDC received the death certificates, they often CONCEALED the vaccine’s role in causing the death, as seen below. The CDC routinely committed data fraud by refusing to assign the proper ICD code for vaccine side effects to match the cause of death listed on the death certificate.

For the covid vaccines, there are only two ICD-10 codes that can account for vaccine side effects – T88.1 and Y59.0. The T88.1 code refers to: other complications following immunization, not elsewhere classified. The Y59.0 code refers to: viral vaccines as the cause of death. There is also a code for infection following immunization (T88.0) and a code for any vaccine or biological substance, unspecified (Y59.9). These codes were used properly in three instances in the Minnesota death certificate data because the CDC could not conceal the vaccine’s involvement in these deaths without fundamentally rewriting the death certificates.

On one death certificate, Y59.0 was properly listed. The patient suffered an adverse reaction to COVID-19 vaccination, less than four hours before the person died of acute elevated myocardial infarction. The pathology review found “heart sections with multiple foci of full thickness myocardial hemorrhage and inflammatory cell infiltrate” and “also foci of inflammatory cell infiltrates in endothelium and epicardium; edematous epicardium.”

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