Dr. Robert Malone explains why Biden regime wants to reduce natural-born population and import poor migrants


by JD Heyes, Natural News:

Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA & DNA vaccines, RNA as a drug, as well as a physician and scientist, has penned a new column explaining why the U.S. and, for that matter other advanced Western societies, are content to let all their own natural-born population be reduced while they support the mass importation of third-world poor into the country.

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He begins by noting that the global birthrate per 1000 people exhibits a discernible pattern, and in nations categorized as “developed” or economically affluent, the birthrate tends to be low, whereas in nations situated towards the lower end of the economic development spectrum, the birthrate tends to be high. This observation is not novel and aligns with existing understanding.

“Many countries, including the USA, have birthrates that either are too low to sustain current population levels or are stable. Since 1970, the population of people born in the USA has been stable at below 300 million. In fact, some estimates show a decline in population,” he wrote in a column reprinted at Lifesite News.

“All of the population growth in the USA during this time period has been due to immigration. That is why the USA has grown to 336 million people in 50 years. This trend has only increased in recent years,” he pointed out.

In 2018, the United States recorded an all-time high of 44.8 million immigrants, constituting 13.7% of the nation’s population. This marks a significant surge compared to 1960, when the immigrant population stood at 9.7 million, making up 5.4% of the total U.S. population. The increase reflects a more than fourfold rise over the intervening years, Malone noted.

“For Jill and I growing up in a blue state, we were indoctrinated at an early age by the public school system that having two children was the responsible thing to do to save the planet from overpopulation. That careers were more important than having a large family. That women would find more fulfillment in an education and career, as opposed to staying at home,” Malone continued.

“That women should defer motherhood until college and a career were firmly established. That this was the responsible path to take. Today, young women receive the same messaging from our government, our schools systems, and mainstream corporate media,” he said, adding that the current messaging from the federal government and academia is still the same decades later.

He went on to note that the UN’s Agenda 2030 highly suggests that migration is a “human right,” meaning that in practice, anyone born in a country with a high birthrate has a right to migrate to low-birthrate wealthy countries.

Of course, that’s absurd, Malone says.

Our country has been successful in conveying the belief to the American public that having a large family adversely impacts families and individuals as a whole. We were led to believe that this would, for better or worse, result in a stabilized population over time, the preservation of the American way of life, protection of the environment, safeguarding of cultural heritage, and the creation of economic opportunities for US citizens, he pointed out.

However, despite these efforts, the notion continues to persist.

Recently, Kamala Harris explicitly stated that a reduced population is crucial for children to have access to clean air and water. This is not the first instance where she has propagated this misleading narrative.

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