DAVID BLACKMON: Climate Alarmists Are Finally Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud In Their Agenda


by David Blackmon, The Daily Caller:

The Los Angeles Times published an op/ed Friday in which it perhaps unintentionally poses the central proposition of the mythical energy transition: “whether our expectations should evolve in the name of preventing climate catastrophe.”

The op/ed is appropriately titled, “Would an Occasional Blackout Help Solve Climate Change?” It is a headline that tacitly admits a truth about the transition that boosters of renewable energy have been careful not to publicize: That the notion that generation sources with extremely low energy density like wind and solar cannot hope to be viable alternatives to generation with extremely high energy density like natural gas, nuclear and coal. It is a notion that defies the laws of thermodynamics and physics, and those are laws, not suggestions that can be discarded as a matter of convenience or, as in this case, in pursuit of a hyper-political agenda.

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This kind of propaganda is designed to condition readers to accept the lowering of their own living conditions in the name of saving the climate, or, as this writer poses is, “preventing climate catastrophe.” It is the kind of propaganda Americans and citizens around the world have been bombarded with as we have experienced the current hot summer.

It is probably no accident that this piece in the Los Angeles Times comes just a few days after the New York Times published a piece by economist Paul Krugman titled, “Why We Should Politicize the Weather.” The theme of the propaganda is clear: Most of the legacy media has been following Krugman’s advice throughout this summer at the behest of boosters of climate alarmism.

Propaganda in the name of hyping a “climate catastrophe” (it was a mere “emergency” just a few years ago, mere climate “change” a few years before that) is widespread, indeed ubiquitous.

Meteorologists in Europe, Canada and other countries are now being encouraged to report land temperatures rather than the ambient air temperatures on which they’ve always based their reporting because the land measurements are usually several degrees warmer than the air we breathe. Many weather reporters in the EU countries have begun reporting temperatures in degrees F rather than degrees C because the Fahrenheit scale produces larger, more frightening numbers.

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