What In The World Is Happening In Russia?


by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

The entire world has been stunned by the events of the past 48 hours.  The leader of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, was leading a convoy of heavily-armed troops to Moscow, and the mainstream media in the western world was salivating over the prospect of a Russian civil war.  The “regime change” in Russia that western leaders have desperately been hoping for seemed like a realistic possibility, and that sparked a frenzy of speculation on social media.  But just like that, it was over.  All of a sudden Prigozhin was heading into exile in Belarus, and we were told that his troops would be heading back to the front lines in Ukraine.

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So why was there such a dramatic turnaround?

I wish that I could tell you.  Just hours before the deal was announced, Prigozhin and his forces had seized a regional military headquarters in Rostov-on-Don

Within hours of a 400-vehicle convoy rolling onto Russian soil from Ukraine, Wagner troops seized control of Russia’s regional military HQ in Rostov-on-Don.

They rode heavy military machinery, tanks and trucks.

And at that time, Prigozhin was pledging that his forces would be “going all the way”

Prigozhin bragged his men — believed to be better equipped than the Russian army — did not need to fire a single shot as they took control of the HQ.

He said: “The border guards greeted us and hugged our fighters. If anyone gets in our way, we will destroy everything. We are going all the way.”

Of course that was never going to happen, and I think that Prigozhin understood this very well.

One well placed tactical nuke could have taken out him and most of his troops.

But neither side wanted it to come to that.

So Prigozhin backed down, and this sudden reversal left analysts in the western world completely flummoxed

A loyal henchman slams the premise of the invasion, then claims an airstrike targeted his troops, before taking a major military town without clashes, Prigozhin said, and then marching to within a few hundred miles of Moscow. But suddenly he executes a baffling reversal, turning back to avoid bloodshed, as the Kremlin claims Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus whom Putin seems to treat with contempt, brokered a dramatic reprieve, in which the insurrectionist who has his armor bound for Moscow, now opts for exile in Minsk.

And following the announcement of the deal, Prigozhin was framing the whole episode as simply “a march of justice”

“They wanted to disband the Wagner military company,” Prigozhin said Saturday. “We embarked on a march of justice on June 23. Now, the moment has come when blood could be spilled. Understanding responsibility [for the chance] that Russian blood will be spilled on one side, we are turning our columns around and going back to field camps as planned.”

What a weird turn of events.

Needless to say, people are coming up with lots and lots of theories to explain what just happened.

For example, one ex-CIA analyst says that the “coup” was actually a “false flag” that was orchestrated by Vladimir Putin himself

An ex-CIA analyst has claimed Vladimir Putin ‘orchestrated’ the coup with Wagner mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhi in a ‘classic false flag’ to try to make the West believe his army had weakened.

Rebekah Koffler told Fox News’ Eric Shawn on Saturday the coup was staged as a way for the Russian leader to boost his political power and he will eventually ‘gain momentum, mobilize additional personnel, and re-energize his offensive on Ukraine.’

Others are suggesting that the U.S. was involved in getting the Wagner Group to commit this insurrection.

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