Swiss Army Knife to Remove Blade – Worldwide Ban of Knives


by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

Those shouting for the removal of the Second Amendment in America do not realize that violent crime is STILL on the rise in other nations. The difference is that they are using either knives, bombs, or illegally purchased firearms to carry out the crime. Banning gun ownership will not change human nature; in fact, no government ban can possibly curtail man’s innate predisposition toward violence that can only be controlled from within.


Now, the manufacturers of the Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox stated that it would no longer include a knife in its infamous pocket blade design as a result of worldwide governments creating restrictions on carrying weapons. “We’re concerned about the increasing regulation of knives due to the violence in the world,” stated Carl Elsener, Victorinox’s CEO. “In some markets, the blade creates an image of a weapon. I have in mind creating a tool that would be useful for cyclists. Cyclists have a need for specific tools but not necessarily a blade. We already have a tool specifically for golfers.” The CEO went on to say how 9/11 should have been a warning that companies need to shy away from any form of self-defense product production.

Anyone who uses a pocketknife can testify that the blade is an absolutely essential tool. Victorinox sells about 10 million Swiss Army Knives annually, and this change will likely hurt its bottom line. There are far worse weapons at play, but governments worldwide want to prevent all law-abiding citizens from having any form of self-defense. Are they to ban kitchen knives next?


Norway and Sweden have completely banned knives for self-defense unless someone happens to be camping or using them for a “legitimate” purpose, such as fishing. Switzerland is creating new regulations to categorize knives to determine which are “dangerous objects.” Poland has banned double-edged knives, butterfly knives, and opening assist mechanisms such as switchblades. Switchblades or one-hand opening knives are subject to a penalty in Spain, France, Belgium, and Italy. Ireland has banned importing or carrying knives. As with many other nations, Portugal has a 4-inch limit on blades before they are considered a dangerous weapon. Numerous Asian nations like Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore also have restrictions on various blades.

Human nature never changes; these bans will not prevent a portion of the population from becoming violent. Instead, these bans will cause law-abiding citizens to lose their right to self-defense. Then, these liberal nations have legal systems that favor violent criminals over their victims, and they are set free to reoffend, as we have seen countless times throughout the West, primarily in regard to the migrant crisis. Even our primitive ape ancestors know how to create weapons out of objects found in nature. Governments cannot, have not, and will never change human nature. Deterring violence by punishing the masses does not work. High-trust nations with low crime have certain things in common, but weapon prohibition is not one of them.

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