Ukraine’s Human Organ and Child Prostitution Trafficking Industries: Does Only Russia’s Maria Zakharova Still Care?


by Declan Hayes, Strategic Culture:

The facts indicate that Zelensky’s Ukraine is guilty of Eichmann-like crimes, Declan Hayes writes.

This article addresses the claims of Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova et al that Zelensky’s Ukraine is a major criminal hub in the global trafficking of human body parts, and with children into the white slave trade, as well as recent European Union claims that all such “Russian” assertions are mis-information.


Because of the seriousness of such allegations and denials, this preliminary exploration is written in a quasi-academic style and is divided into a number of sections to help interested authorities bring the culprits, from whatever side of the lines they may be on, to account.

Thus, section 1 surveys the global trafficking trade in human organs and child prostitutes to establish that such lucrative industries do exist and, ergo, that, as with Jeffrey Epstein’s Orgy Island, some individuals, organised crime gangs and institutions must be guilty of being involved in such trafficking. Section 2 looks at the pivotal role Ukraine has historically played in such trafficking to hypothesise that there may well be large numbers of Ukrainians currently active in such criminality. Section 3 establishes that, because the West has long been aware of such crimes, those crimes are not the result of Russian dis-information or any such spurious figment. Section 4 concludes by arguing that the onus is on the Zelensky dictatorship and its Western backers to open Ukraine’s morgues and hospitals to reputable investigators and that the Russian authorities are likewise bound to surrender copies of whatever pertinent documents relating to these Ukrainian crimes they have to those same reputable authorities.

1. Global Child Sex and Organ Trafficking Industries

The American National Kidney Association estimates that the illegal organ trade is worth in excess of $1 billion annually. The Gurgaon kidney scandal, whereby poor Indians had their kidneys harvested for Indian and foreign customers is but one of very many scandals showing that this is an organised, global and very lucrative industry that would attract the interest of all unscrupulous criminals in a position to exploit relevant opportunities.

The International Labour Office in Geneva estimates that over 10 million children are trapped in the inter-connected child prostitution and child pornography industries. The Peter Scully case shows that there is a significant global demand for raping and then dismembering vulnerable infants. Scully’s most infamous work was Daisy’s Destruction, where voyeurs paid $10,000 apiece to watch Scully and two other adults torture and rape 18-month old Daisy before killing her in one of the Web’s most “successful” ever snuff movies. A youtube crawl shows that Cambodia remains a hotspot for those in search of sex with prepubescent children and further searches and accounts of the arrests of organised gangs would show that child pornography and child prostitution are both huge and very lucrative industries.

Even leaving the child sex farms of Jeffrey Epstein and MI5’s Kincora Boys’ Home to one side, reports like this Daily Mail article or this Guardian piece show that child prostitution is rife in the United States and, as all of the references given so far pre-date the 2014 Ukrainian coup, they are not the product of Russian propaganda. These are major, global industries that involve the most amoral of people and the most unfortunate of their victims and, if there are amoral people on Zelensky’s side of the Ukrainian lines, Nazi regiments and the like, there are no a priori reasons to believe that such people would not be involved in these long-standing Ukrainian operations.

2. Ukraine’s Role in the Global Child Sex and Organ Trafficking Industries

These 20062007 and 2009 reports note the concern the UN has long held with child sex trafficking and related “industries” in Ukraine. Here, from 15 March 2006, is UN Resolution 60/251 on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography in Ukraine.

The European Centre for Law and Justice is an international, Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights in Europe and worldwide. The ECLJ has held special Consultative Status before the United Nations/ECOSOC since 2007. Here is their 2006 report on the case of missing children, lost babies and corpses without organs in Ukraine.

The Child Protection Hub is a Balkan child protection federation. Here is their 2015 report and their subsequent 2016 report saying that Ukrainian orphanages are hubs for child trafficking, child pornography and child prostitution.

Here is a question and answer from the 2007 session of the European Parliament, citing a BBC report, which enquires into the market for baby stem cells and organs from new-born babies in Ukraine. Here is a question and answer from the 2015 session of the European Parliament enquiring about organ harvesting in Eastern Ukraine.

Here is a 2022 BBC report saying how the sex industry preys on Ukrainian refugees. Here is an American report saying how refugees get entangled in prostitution. Here is a much longer report citing the commercial sexual exploitation of children in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Here is a report on how child refugees in Athens have been ensnared into the child prostitution and child pornography industries. These claims would not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the plight of West Asian or other child refugees who have had to flee any of the wars NATO has launched in recent decades and there is no reason to believe that the same fate would not befall unaccompanied or trafficked Ukrainian minors.

Here are the Ukrainian authorities in 2011 admitting that illegal organ trafficking is out of control. This Belgian report tells us that Ukraine remains Europe’s main hub for illegally harvesting human organs. This 2010 report tells us how Israeli criminal gangs are at the heart of Ukraine’s organ harvesting industry, an important consideration given that demand far outstrips supply in Israel, as it does in the equally lucrative market of Switzerland.

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