Taibbi: It’s Like Media Outlets ‘Get a Memo to Not Cover Stuff’ Like Biden Influence-Peddling Charges, Twitter Files


by Ian Hanchett, Breitbart:

On Friday’s broadcast of Newsmax TV’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight,” journalist Matt Taibbi stated that he believes there has been a lack of coverage of allegations of influence-peddling against President Joe Biden because “it happens to be politically inconvenient” and stated that it almost seems like members of the media “just get a memo to not cover stuff.”

Taibbi said, “I think a lot of journalists of an older generation feel the same way, which is, once upon a time, most reporters didn’t really care who was in office. If they were corrupt, if they did something wrong, we’d do the reporting. It didn’t really matter to us. The idea that you would non-report something like the Biden story because it happens to be politically inconvenient would have been inconceivable, I think, in the mainstream press, even a dozen years ago.”

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He added, “It appears that sometimes they just get a memo to not cover stuff. That happened with me with the Twitter files reports. Sometimes, we’d put something out, and it seemed clearly newsworthy, but everybody would react to it the same way, they would respond to it in the same language on Twitter, and I have no idea how that happens. It’s a mystery to me.”

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