Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/23


from Vigilant Citizen:

Ah, yes, the month of June. Such a beautiful month. The weather is nice, summer is coming, kids are finishing school. What’s not to like? Well, in the past years, the powers that be turned this beautiful month into one of the most annoying months of the year. Because now, June is Pride Month.

Apparently, a Pride Day wasn’t enough. A Pride Week neither. It had to be a whole month. Also, the “celebrations” cannot be tasteful and respectful. They have to be invasive, abrasive, and, for some reason, often targeted at children.


Beyond the rainbow, there’s one question that most people completely overlook: Why is it called PRIDE Month? Why is the word PRIDE the emphasis here? Because words matter.

Pride is considered the original and worst of the seven deadly sins on almost every list, the most demonic. It is also thought to be the source of the other capital sins. Pride is the opposite of humility.

Pride has been labeled the father of all sins and has been deemed the devil’s most essential trait. C.S. Lewis writes in Mere Christianity that pride is the “anti-God” state, the position in which the ego and the self are directly opposed to God: “Unchastity, anger, greed, drunkenness and all that, are mere fleabites in comparison: it was through Pride that the devil became the devil: Pride leads to every other vice: it is the complete anti-God state of mind.” Pride is understood to sever the spirit from God, as well as His life-and-grace-giving Presence.
– Seven Deadly Sins, Wikipedia

Considering these facts, the following t-shirt design makes perfect sense.

redbubble pride month demon redbubble 1685417442.large e1687288005582 Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/23

Of course, the Biden administration had to pander to the agenda by hosting a “celebration” at the White House. Boy was it symbolic.

whitehouse Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/23

During Pride celebrations, the Pride flag was placed front and center, flanked by two American flags. Not only is this a clear violation of the US flag code, but this display also sends out a powerful message: The globalist empire has overthrown the American nation.

rose Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/23

As if that wasn’t enough disrespect, trans “influencer” Rose Montoya went barechested right on the White House lawn. Is this Sodom and Gomorrah?

The same globalist forces that control the White House also control media outlets.

glamour1 Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/23

For its Pride issue, Glamour UK featured a “pregnant man” on its cover. As we’ve seen in previous SPOTM, they REALLY want us to be exposed to “pregnant men”. It’s perfectly in line with the gender-blurring agenda.

glamour2 Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/23

The title of the article is ‘I’m a pregnant trans man and I do exist. No matter what anyone says, I am literally living proof’. Wow. So much BS. Of course, there is no such thing as pregnant men. This is a woman who underwent extreme and ungodly procedures to look like a man. But she’s still a woman. In other words, this article is garbage.

The powers that be know very well that indoctrination is most effective when it starts at an early age. And our poor children are being bombarded with the most absurd and repugnant attempts at propaganda ever seen.

coloring Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/23

This is a coloring page given to public school students in the UK. Remember when we used to color cute horsies or cool race cars? Now children have to color the hairy armpits of Zoe, the non-binary pervert.

Of course, the one-eye sign was all over the place this last month. And, as usual, it was performed by big stars who are willing to do whatever it takes to stay big.

bella Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/23

Vogue just went all out with symbolism and propaganda. On one side, you’ve got your “gender-neutral” and “pronouns” ridiculousness. On the other side, you’ve got Bella Ramsey doing a one-eye sign while wearing an ironic crown (she’s a slave) on the other.

bryancranston Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/23

Bryan Cranston doesn’t want his career to end. So he has to do a one-eye sign in GQ magazine.

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