Seattle Amazon Employees Protest Returning To The Office Due To “Climate Change”


from ZeroHedge:

Amazon employees protested by the hundreds during a lunchtime demonstration in Seattle on Wednesday after the company brought back in-person requirements for three days a week.

Truly, having to drive to work for three days must be a harrowing experience with much struggle and hardship, but not long ago Americans were actually expected to go to the office for at least five days a week.  Is three days of responsibility really too much for Seattle progressives?  


Seattle workers say the change is a “step backwards,” arguing that driving to work puts employees at risk and also harms the environment with extra carbon emissions.

“I’m out here because I refuse to just sit idly by while mandates are dictated from above down that don’t make sense and hurt the planet, hurt families and individual lives,” one quality assurance engineer said. “And just to get us into a seat at the office for their tax incentives.”

The irony of this statement is obviously mind boggling.  Progressives were overjoyed to have government officials and corporate CEOs micromanage the lives of the American public with mandates only a couple years ago.  Now, they’re pretending to be victims of oppression as normal work requirements return.  Activists went on to sing protest songs to display their unity and admonish Amazon for “greenwashing.”

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