NATO Escalates, Putin De-Escalates the War Stakes. The Only Game West Has Left Is Russian Roulette


by Martin Jay, Strategic Culture:

NATO, which uses the word ‘de-escalation’ in such an abusive way it is almost comical, is forced to raise the stakes in Ukraine.

The law of unintended consequences can be marked by a week of media gaffes where so-called leading figures on the Ukraine war put their foot in their mouths and reveal not only how deluded and misinformed they are about the crisis but just how bad it is for the west.


The only game in town is escalation. When western elites started out, they were so afraid of sending longer-range missiles or tanks as this was considered a provocation to Putin which could have dire consequences. But today, we have surpassed all of these different stages — like a gambler at the blackjack table who’s only rationale to recoup his losses is to take bigger chances with higher stakes — and still, after over 120 billion dollars of U.S. taxpayers’ money not shifted the war one centimetre to Ukraine’s benefit. And so now all is left is to manipulate Putin’s resolve to refuse to be drawn into escalation, by actually taking the war to the next level. Escalation. NATO, which uses the word ‘de-escalation’ in such an abusive way it is almost comical, is forced to raise the stakes in Ukraine. And their gamble is simple. We raise the stakes banking on Putin not responding with nukes. And, therefore, make gains which are basically artificial and couldn’t be ‘won’ any other way that these dirty tricks.

But have western elites really calculated correctly? This is the same NATO and EU/U.S. governments which have made error after error, even from day one, about Russia’s resolve? Miscalculation is really all the West has done with any consistency and so it is hard to take it seriously; they have figured that provoking Putin even more and expecting him to remain cool and not rise to the bait is the only winning formula after being in a war for 15 months which has exhausted all of the military stockpiles of the West and backfired so spectacularly with its wrong decisions — like sanctions against Russia which literally takes the food out of the mouths of Europeans and rips them off at the gas pumps — that it is laughable.

It’s largely about only listening to your own propaganda and believing your own sexed-up reports. How else to explain Ben Wallace’s somewhat idiotic quote in a British newspaper which surmised that the Ukraine was running out of weapons… but that its army would take Crimea before the end of the year? Was he just following a theme by others in a week which started with Lindsey Graham’s vile comment about killing Russians, which was strangely not followed up by a reference — even a reference — to the thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians in their graves, all for the U.S. to kid itself it’s still a super power and to cover up Joe Biden’s family’s dirty deals in Ukraine? Dead Ukrainians to buffoons like Graham don’t even factor. They’re not even worth their weight in dirty salt. Nothing.

The West has done nothing but miscalculate. And miscalculate. It’s all it has done in fact. And now we are witnessing the same with the last signal from UK defence minister James Cleverly who presumably is giving us a glimpse of the future strategy with his comment about Kiev hitting legitimate targets inside Russia itself. It’s not very complicated. The West is goading him on to do it with their missiles hoping that Putin will not retaliate and hit targets in Poland or even Germany. NATO’s response, by the time Ben Wallace is NATO chief, will be absurdly despondent asking the world to pretend to be stupid and continue to accept the premise that “hey, it’s not us. We’re not at war with Russia”. And if Russia rises to the bait, Wallace will be ready to pounce and feed the call centre journalists in Brussels with the “oh look what Russia has just done. Look at this unprovoked act of aggression”. The gag is almost as funny as the U.S. commander in Apocalypse Now who calls Vietnamese peasants “fucking savages” for having the audacity to throw a hand grenade into a U.S. chopper on the ground while his whole family is being cut to pieces by American soldiers spraying their 50 cals from above.

Except it’s not a joke. How long can this charade go on for? The timeline is as important as military hardware or even troops which are both very short in Ukraine, a point that Zelensky has admitted. The only hope we have for a nuclear war to not break out as once again the West rolls the dice is that Putin has the patience for Biden to lose the U.S. elections which is likely given his state of dementia and the lack of patience in America from blue collar workers who are incredulous to the maths of giving 130 billion dollars to Ukraine while most Americans don’t even have healthcare, let alone jobs or food on the table. And then there is the so-called spring offensive which has been moved to the summer offensive. If this shifts one more time to the autumn offensive, the lack of credibility in the project will suffer.

Remember, everything NATO and western elites do in Ukraine is a game, an experiment, untested ideas and strategies. It’s all a crap shoot and the only winners are the cabal of Zelensky who keep sending the millions to their offshore accounts in BVI while Europeans sink deeper and deeper into debt and harsher living conditions. Of course, America is the overall winner with now EU countries literally being sodomized from American companies cleaning up with new gas deals, EU companies creating jobs in the U.S. after relocating and military deals which break records. Biden’s error is not falling over sandbags or even failing to remember one country he has visited in recent weeks, when asked by a child. His mistake is not ensuring that such profits from the Ukraine war are passed on to voters. Everybody in his circle has a birthday every day of the year, even his degenerate son who was being paid 250,000 USD a month by Ukrainian oligarchs just to email senators on their behalf as early as 2013. Ukraine war ends with Biden leaving office. All Trump or any Republican candidate needs to do to win in 2024 is say “Hey, I will spend 130 billion dollars in my first term on poverty in the U.S.” and end the war in Ukraine immediately to secure a landslide.

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