Is the deep state pushing the UFO/alien narrative on conservatives?


by Michael Iachetta, American Thinker:

I recently pointed out on American Thinker that Matt Walsh, after his huge Twitter triumph last weekend, immediately published two controversial posts claiming aliens are real on his Facebook page. Walsh’s readers are reacting: as of this writing, the first post has 1.3K comments and the second 4.9K.

Knowing that Sundance at Conservative Treehouse has long spoken of Twitter as a tool of the deep state, I visited that site to see it if was covering the alien UFO issue. Sure enough, it was, but in a form I did not expect: a feature on Tucker Carlson’s new show on Twitter, which debuted the same day Walsh posted his views on UFOs on Facebook. (The alien connection wasn’t mentioned by Sundance but noticed by his readers in the comments.) In his monologue about the latest news in Ukraine, Carlson mentioned  (starting at 6:50) the same UFO story that prompted Matt Walsh’s post:


“In journalism, curiosity is the greatest crime. Yesterday, for example, a former Air Force officer who worked for military intelligence came forward as a whistle blower to reveal that the US government has physical evidence of crashed non-human made aircraft and the bodies of the pilots who flew those aircrafts. The Pentagon has spent decades studying these other-worldly remains to build more technologically advanced weapons systems. OK … that’s what the former military office revealed, and it was clear that he was telling the truth. In other words, UFOs are actually real and apparently so is extraterrestrial life. Now we know.”

Carlson went on to say the major news outlets like the New York Times or Washington Post aren’t reporting this development, proof of how corrupt the media is. That only truth-tellers like him are willing to tell us things like this, is the implication … truth the powers-that-be don’t want us to know.

Carlson did not present evidence to support his claim that UFOs are real other than the say-so of this “intelligence officer turned whistle-blower” and the assurance that this intelligence officer has turned over “extensive classified information about deeply covert programs” (in the words of the article in the “Debrief” Carlson referenced). “Other intelligence officers … provided similar, corroborating information,” the article said.

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