Woke Disney: Star Wars Animated Series Features A They/Them Jedi


by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

THE MESSAGE strikes back

Disney+ is taking more flak for crowbarring a them/them character into its latest Star Wars series.

The animated show Tales of the Empire, is made up of six shorts, with one of the episodes featuring a non-binary Jedi.

In a scene below, the they/them agrees to surrender to an Inquisitor, a character that hunts Jedi, just as another Inquisitor sneaks up from behind and attempts to kill the they/them.

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You’d be forgiven for having missed it, given that there are so many crapped out Star Wars things now, that only someone with no social life at all can keep up with them.

“They’re still alive,” one of the Inquisitors says while checking the character’s heartbeat. “We need to get them to the ship. We can save them.”

“Forget it, let them die,” the other one responds.

“They were about to surrender,” the first one notes, again repeating the pronoun just to make sure you heard it… AGAIN.

The pronouns have nothing to do with the progression of the story, in fact it actually makes it confusing. The pronouns are just blatantly in there to forward THE MESSAGE, as with everything Disney does these days.

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