Was Robert Fico the West’s Next Color Revolution Target? What We Know So Far


from Sputnik News:

Sputnik investigates the role of the media and foreign-backed NGOs in turning up the political temperature in the Central European country.
Robert Fico remains under the care of doctors at a hospital in the city of Banská Bystrica after a brazen assassination attempt Wednesday against the Slovak Prime Minister shocked the country and brought politics to a standstill.

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Officials claimed the populist leader’s life was no longer in danger after an hours-long operation earlier this week. However, Fico experienced a setback as doctors recently revealed his condition required a second surgery. Officials continue to await updates on the prime minister’s condition to judge whether it will allow him to be transported to a larger hospital in the capital of Bratislava next week.
As Fico recovers, light is being shed on the highly contentious political and media environment in Slovakia that the prime minister’s defenders say contributed to the attempted assassination. The Slovak Prime Minister had previously warned about the potential for polarization in the country to boil over into political violence, claiming in a video message just over a month ago that the rhetoric of opposition media outlets could result in “the murder of some of the leading government politicians.”

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