RED ALERT! Ukrainian Strike on Russian Early Warning Radar Threatens To Unleash Nuclear World War


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche Organization:

Out of desperation, the NATO Military-Industrial-Financial Complex (MIFC) is betting that Putin is bluffing when he orders military exercises to test the Russian tactical nuclear capability, or that they could launch a first strike that would take out Russia’s ability to respond to an attack on its territory.  They have been wrong so far in every assessment — will you stand by when they engage in a high-stakes nuclear chicken game with Moscow?  Circulate the Schiller Institute statement linked below to everyone.


Given the corruption of most political leaders and elected officials, it will take a serious mobilization of their constituents to jolt them out of the control of the corporate cartels of the MIFC, with their commitment to Permanent War to defend their collapsing order..

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