No college? No voting! Poll shocker reveals what ‘elites’ want


from WND:

In a stunning new revelation about the divides in America, a poll shows that 69% of those who are the “politically obsessed elites,” those who have high incomes, urban residences and postgraduate degrees – in fact, those who often sit in those high-paying government office jobs – believe the nation would be better off if only THEY made decisions.



A report at The Daily Signal about a podcast with pollster Scott Rasmussen delivered the shocker.

“Polling from Scott Rasmussen reveals that America’s elite 1%—those with high incomes, urban residences, and postgraduate degrees—are significantly out of step with the rest of the country on a range of issues,” the report said.

“It’s a troubling trend for America, and it doesn’t bode well for our future considering the elite 1% occupy many of the leadership roles in our cultural, educational, and government institutions. There’s perhaps no statistic more shocking than the 69% of politically obsessed elites who think it would be better if only people with college degrees could vote.”

Rasmussen explained, “Perhaps the funniest finding of all is we ask the question, ‘Do most Americans agree with you on most important issues?’ Now, if we ask voters, about half say, ‘Yeah, I think most people agree with me.’ Among the politically obsessed elites, 82% of that group thinks that most Americans agree with them on most issues. It’s not even close to true, but they’re looking in a mirror. They see what they want to see.”

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