Thursday, June 13, 2024

It’s not about Trump vs. Biden, it’s about Marxism vs. America


by Patricia Anthone, America Outloud:

What if a fresh-faced Marxist replaced Biden at or before the DNC convention this August? Would we recognize Marxism if it wore a pretty face?

Even if both Biden and Trump were removed from the 2024 presidential race, we would still be facing a choice between Marxism and Ordered Liberty. The politics of personality tend to obscure that, don’t they?


“Good governance is good politics,” they used to say, remember? Sound policies that apply the laws evenhandedly result in a peaceable society and prosperous economy on which American political success had, at one time, been built.

Communist ideology has had an uncontested foothold in education for a couple of generations now. Sound governance, peace, prosperity, opportunity, and progress have ceased to be universal benchmarks in the measure of good government. A great many have been indoctrinated to demand social upheaval for its own sake and believe that income inequality is an injustice.

The Marxist Party leverages human misery, poverty, factional grievance, class envy, etc., to generate political capital. And as we have seen in hellholes like California, the more human misery these bastards cause, the tighter their party’s grip on power. Naturally, then, they cultivate the sources of their power: poverty, factional discord, and fear.

Their tactics are, by now, familiar to most of us:


The Marxists’ “solution” to poverty has been to subsidize, with your earnings, all of the patterns of thought and behavior that impoverish people. It has worked brilliantly. Generations have been entrenched at the subsistence level, and nearly all can be relied upon for unwavering political support.


Marxists shower governmental preference on the collectives they consider “most aggrieved” rather than on individuals who are the most deserving. They present the forcible imposition of collective ‘equity’ (equality of contrived outcomes as measured by statistical parity among factions) as a virtue. Where equal application of the laws limits the power of government and supports personal agency, a pursuit of collective equity represents a virtually unlimited grant of power to government.    

Among the predictable results of such factional favoritism by government in the routine transaction of business related to college admissions, employment, housing, healthcare, etc., is greatly exaggerated friction between racial and other factions. Replacing character with characteristics is disheartening and demoralizing. It generates collective resentments, which then serve to “justify” yet more factional-favor engineering.     


Throughout human history, tyrannical power-seekers have used fear of calamity to control others. Positioning oneself (or today, the expert-informed Party’s agenda) as the only way to avoid catastrophe has been a reliable way to gain and maintain control. The ancient shaman’s supplication of a Volcano God on behalf of the people who obey him has given way to “The Science” gods of global cooling, global warming, pandemic, etc.  

One might think that an advanced civilization would be more resistant to this primitive “don’t anger the volcano god” tactic, but contemporary experience shows that not to be true. In our highly specialized society, people have even more inclination to defer to those presented to us as experts. This tendency makes us extremely vulnerable to abuse.

Thankfully, the experiences of the past few years may be starting to restore healthy skepticism. A recent poll by Monmouth University — hardly a right-wing institution — shows the eroding credibility of the climate crisis narrative. While the number of people expressing deep concern about anthropogenic climate change had grown through 2018, it has dropped precipitously since then.

As we head into the final half of this critical election year, it is imperative that we re-frame the debate. This is not a contest between Trump and Biden. It is a zero-sum contest between completely irreconcilable goals for the future of our nation.


The key feature of a society governed by the Marxist pursuit of collective “equity” is force, of course. Statistical parity among competing factions cannot be achieved without exercising total control of social and economic order.

The principal focus in such a society is government, more specifically, the Party’s agenda, whether promulgated through direct regulation or exercised in the form of coercion by “private,” albeit Party-aligned entities.   

Government is the center of a Marxist society.


The key feature of a society that embraces equality of persons is the consenting, interdependent exchange among peers on which both prosperity and progress are built.   

The principal focus in American society is on creating, innovating, and producing value as defined by others in society. Each person’s equal legal standing represents the ethical boundary on the exercise of individual rights. Defending each person’s right to life, liberty, and property is, therefore, the legitimate purpose of law (government) and the measure of justice. Government is instituted to provide guardrails, not an agenda-driven overlord.

The individual citizen is the center of the American Constitutional Republic.

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