Free Vodka and Beer for the Homeless in San Francisco


by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

California is a socialistic cesspool of failed policies that funnel money through inefficient charities. I recently reported that the state, which boasts the largest homeless population in the United States, failed an audit that found nine agencies misused $24 billion in government funds intended to combat homelessness. Now, new reports state that San Francisco alone has been spending $5 per year on alcohol for the homeless.


The “managed alcohol program” states that it aims to keep homeless people physically dependent on alcohol out of jail or the hospital systems by providing them with “controlled doses” of beer and vodka. The program apparently has only served 65 clients, but the public sector has found a way to spend an astounding $5 million annually on a bar tab for the homeless.

The audit I originally referenced found that all of California’s efforts to combat homelessness have miserably failed. In fact, homelessness has shot up by 56.7% since 2015, when a number of these programs were first implemented. It’s almost as if these non-profits could not survive if they were to actually focus on recovery and rehabilitation efforts instead of fueling addictions.

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