DEATH THREAT: Georgian PM Says EU Commissioner Menaced Him With ‘The Fate of Robert Fico’, as the US Increases Pressure Against ‘Foreign Agent Law’


by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Just between you and me – behind all the international controversy involving the Soviet Republic of Georgia lies legislation that is absolutely common sense and has equivalents in the US and many other Western countries.

So calling it ‘Russia Law’ or saying it’s ‘Russian-inspired’ is disingenuous.

The proposed law mandates that media and NGOs must register as ‘pursuing the interests of a foreign power’ if they receive over 20% of their funding from abroad, not unlike the US’ Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).


We started covering the issue with: WATCH – Major Brawl Erupts in Georgian Parliament as Members Exchange Blows Over ‘Foreign Agents’ Bill.

Later, as the protests escalated, it became clear what was happening, and the international puppet masters leading the crowds: COLOR REVOLUTION IN GEORGIA – Globalist NGOs Foment Mass Protest Against ‘Foreign Agent Bill’ That Would Mandate Disclosure of Funding Sources of These Same Organizations.

The foreign agents law was approved in three parliamentary votes and was vetoed by Pro-EU President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili, a ‘traitor to the Caucasian nation’ in the words of the conservative Prime Minister. The Parliament is widely expected to overrule the Presidential veto in yet another vote.

Demonstrations have become quite smaller.

For now, the riots in front of Parliament are becoming smaller, but the political pressure is stepping up like crazy: threats of US sanctions, the threat of EU severing the ascension prospects of the country, and now – it appears – even assassination threats are in the game.

It turns out that one of the European Commissioners, the Hungarian Oliver Varhelyi, Commissioner for neighborhood policy and enlargement, threatened Georgian PM Kobakhidze with the fate of Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico, who recently suffered an assassination attempt.

This was posted in Georgia government Official Facebook page: “Even against the background of years of blackmail, the threats that were voiced in a telephone conversation with one of the European Commissioners were striking.

In particular, in his conversation with me, the European Commissioner listed a number of measures that Western politicians could take after overcoming the veto on the transparency law, and said while listing these measures – ‘You saw what happened to Fiсo, you should be very careful’, the post claims.”

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