Covid Shots during Pregnancy Cause Brain Damage in Offspring, Study Warns


by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

A new peer-reviewed study has warned that Covid mRNA shots have been found to cause brain damage in offspring when administered to mothers during pregnancy.

The medical study, conducted by prominent scientists in Turkey, was published in the prestigious Springer journal.

The researchers gave pregnant rats an mRNA Covid vaccination during lab tests.


However, they found that the rats often give birth to brain-damaged offspring.

The offspring, who didn’t receive direct Covid shots themselves, exhibited autism-like behaviors as well as physical ineptitude.

In the “Abstract” section of the study’s paper, the researchers note:

“Pregnant rats received the COVID-19 mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine during gestation.

“Subsequent evaluations on male and female offspring included autism-like behaviors, neuronal counts, and motor performance.”

The researchers continue by explaining how they discovered that the mRNA injections alter gene expression.

“Our findings reveal that the mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine significantly alters WNT gene expression and BDNF levels in both male and female rats, suggesting a profound impact on key neurodevelopmental pathways,” the researchers note.

However, the data reveals that the offspring of vaccinated rats are not just worse off mentally.

The researchers found that the offspring were also physically inept as a result of the mRNA shot.

“Notably, male rats exhibited pronounced autism-like behaviors, characterized by a marked reduction in social interaction and repetitive patterns of behavior,” the researchers explain.

Furthermore, there was a substantial decrease in neuronal counts in critical brain regions, indicating potential neurodegeneration or altered neurodevelopment.

“Male rats also demonstrated impaired motor performance, evidenced by reduced coordination and agility.”

The paper also gave several explanations for potential mechanisms of brain damage.

Specifically, they detail the mechanisms resulting in neurological inflammation.

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