Ashley Biden’s Diary May Help Bring Down MSM


from Moonbattery:

If there was any doubt even after Hunter Biden’s laptop that the media establishment has no credibility and serves only to secure the power of the Democratic Party, Ashley Biden’s diary has put it to rest:

In 2019, Ashley Biden, the then 37-year-old daughter of President Biden and his wife Jill, wrote in her journal about showering with her father at an inappropriate age as well as her fears that, as a child, she was sexually abused. …

After undergoing treatment in rehab, Ashley moved to a halfway house in Florida, where she left the diary under a mattress.

It was released to the public. Astonishingly, the media has refused to report this bombshell story, even in light of Biden’s incessant inappropriate behavior around little girls. The New York Times would acknowledge only that the diary was stolen but not what was in it.


They tried to get us to believe that Hunter’s laptop was “Russian disinformation.” That dog wouldn’t hunt, so this time around they are lying only by omission.

Ashley herself has now confirmed – in a court document made public last month – that the diary is indeed authentic.

The double standard is more obvious than ever:

If this were the diary entry of a Trump daughter, the media would be at DEFCON 1. This would be front-page news, the sole focus of special Rachel Maddow furrowed-brow editions, MSNBC and CNN primetime investigations, the incessant drumbeat of every Sunday show and op-ed from now until election day, the left-wing press demanding answers.

The media is powerful, yet despite its best efforts to demonize Trump and whitewash Biden, it appears increasingly unlikely that Democrats will hold on to power without resorting to significant election fraud.

What Biden has been doing to US currency through inflation, the media that put him in the White House is doing to its own credibility. When people stop taking the MSM seriously, its power will crumble, as will the power of the party it exists to prop up.

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