A Miracle? Shooter’s Gun Jams As He Tries To Murder Pastor In Church


by Paul Joseph Watson, Modernity News:

Divine intervention?

Video footage shows a man trying to shoot dead a pastor as he gave a sermon in a Pennsylvania church Sunday, but remarkably the gun jammed, prompting many to claim a miracle had been witnessed.

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Police confirmed that they arrested 26-year-old Bernard Junior Polite after he entered the Jesus Dwelling Place Church North Braddock and “attempted to shoot the pastor (Glenn Germany) as he was giving a sermon.”

“Polite pointed a firearm at the pastor, attempted to shoot, but the firearm failed to discharge,” the police statement noted, adding “A congregation member took immediate action by grabbing onto Polite. The member and the pastor were able to subdue and disarm Polite. Polite was held until Troopers arrived.”

He has been charged with attempted murder.

Germany told reporters that he had seen Polite scoping out the church a day earlier.

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