Top Virologist Warns ‘Massive Tsunami’ of ‘Death’ among Vaccinated Is ‘Imminent’


by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

One of the world’s leading virologists has warned the public that a “massive tsunami” of “chaos” and “death” is about to decimate the global Covid mRNA-vaccinated population.

The grave warning was issued by Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, a world-renowned Belgian virologist.

Dr. Bossche warns that a “huge, huge wave” of illness and deaths among those vaccinated for Covid is now “imminent.”

The top scientist says this “massive tsunami” will collapse hospitals and cause financial, economic, and social “chaos.”

Bossche issued the bone-chilling warning during an appearance on the KunstlerCast podcast on Friday.


“What I am predicting is a massive, massive tsunami” of illness and death among highly-vaccinated populations with compromised immune systems, Bossche said.

“You will see what will happen, for example, in the next coming weeks…is more and more cases of more serious long Covid…

“They will start to replace the surge of the cancers…now we have a more chronic phase.

“It will end with a hyper-acute phase, a huge, huge wave…

“I’ve been studying this now for four years.

“I know what I’m talking about,” Bossche asserted.

“I’m probably the only person, in all modesty, who understands the immunology behind this.”

“The thing I want your audience to understand, what we will be facing in the hyper-acute Covid crisis that is imminent, is that we will have to build a completely new world…” Bossche continues.

It is very very clear that when this starts, our hospitals will collapse.

“And that means the chaos in all kinds of layers of society — financial, economic, social, you name it — will be complete.”

“And that is what I’m very clearly predicting…

“It’s very strange for me to make such statements, but I’m not hiding it because I’m two hundred percent convinced that it will happen,” he warned.

Bossche also noted that those being the push for global Covid mRNA vaccinations will soon be exposed.

He explains that the gigantic global scale of the accelerating illnesses and deaths will be impossible to cover up.

“You commit errors or even crimes at the very small scale, you can hide them,” he said.

“I have seen this happen with the Ebola vaccination with Africa a number of years ago. . . .

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