Thursday Conversation – James Anderson


by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

James Anderson is an old friend who works alongside many other old friends at SD Bullion. James does terrific work as a commentator and analyst so it was great fun to have him in for this week’s podcast.

Of course, SD Bullion has been around for about as long as TFMR and it has been an honor to consider Tyler and the crew as friends over the years. They are also a supporter and advertiser of this site so please be sure to keep them in mind whenever you are looking to add to your stack.


Please also keep James’ work in mind as he provides a clear and objective voice for the precious metals community. He’s active on X and you can find him here:

Also, every Friday James posts a weekly wrap-up video to the SD Bullion YouTube channel. You can access the archives and subscribe to it here:

Over the course of this call, I ask James to address a number of issues, including premiums, strategies and macroanalysis. He’s a great source of knowledge and I’m confident that you’ll be glad that you gave this podcast a listen.

Many thanks to James for his time today. I hope to have him on again soon.

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