The Middle Eastern War Being Waged Across America’s Southern Border


by Al Bienenfeld, American Thinker:

The dangers from the steady stream of millions of unvetted migrants crossing illegally into our country should be clear to everyone. However, the most understated threat is that of terrorist infiltration. Reports of tens of thousands of military-age Middle Eastern men coming through should heighten everyone’s concerns about the potential for nation-ending terrorism.

The Mexican cartel drug trafficking is far worse than most might think. Terrorist organization Hezbollah has partnered with the cartels and is active south of our border in various countries, including Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Curaçao. They also operate their drug networks in America and Canada.


Multiple U.S. presidents have ignored this ongoing problem—although President Trump should be excluded from culpability since he vigorously fought for a wall to protect America’s southern border. Both Democrats and the Establishment Wing of his own party vigorously opposed his efforts. If Trump does not get back into office, the problems at our southern border will destabilize our country.

In 2011, Roger F. Noriega and Jose R. Cardenas were already warning about the mounting terrorism threat from Hezbollah in Latin America (emphasis added):

Over the last several years Hezbollah and its patrons in Iran have greatly expanded their operations in Latin America to the detriment of inter- American security and U.S. strategic interests. Today, Hezbollah is using the Western Hemisphere as a staging ground, fundraising center, and operational base to wage asymmetric warfare against the United States. Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and other anti-American governments in the region have facilitated this expansion by rolling out the welcome mats for Hezbollah and Iran

Already in 2011, estimates were that, in the tri-border area and elsewhere in Latin America, Islamic extremists were remitting $300-$500 million annually back to Middle East terrorists. This works with each Hezbollah cell operating like an independent, and extremely sophisticated “franchise.” Hezbollah operatives establish mosques and other Islamic centers and then begin to convert and recruit people, establish internet sites, utilize media broadcasting, and develop operational systems that oversee logistics, planning, surveillance, and mission execution.

As President Trump has noted, these terrorists are very smart. At least, they’re smarter than the vast majority of those in Washington who either downplay the danger they pose or, worse, completely ignore it.

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