The indoctrination of our military using DEI and CRT – Violating Civil and Constitutional Rights


by Edward Haugland, America Outloud:

This is a shocking recollection of events and chronology that involves me and two instructors at the Army War College (AWC), the DOD IG, DOJ, US Army IG and FOIA office, and two US Senate offices regarding my concerns and belief that not only my civil and constitutional rights were violated, but also those of the two instructors that invited me to speak at the Army War College as a guest lecturer for the fifth year – given my expertise in Cognitive Warfare.


There are two key elements to consider here.

First, if our senior officers at the AWC are willing to violate one’s constitutional and civil rights, what is to stop them from obeying an illegal order to fire on innocent civilians demonstrating those rights?

The irony of this issue, as you read the details below, is that my lecture on Cognitive Warfare to AWC students discusses how our adversaries use various ways (ideology, religion, and issues) to subvert our freedoms, Constitution, and independence. The means by which they do so vary from the use of our legal, education, economic, and now military system. The actions by AWC staff appear to exemplify my point.

I ask our readers to come to their own conclusions on whether our civil and constitutional rights were violated and if the DOD and Army are purposefully obstructing the release of record information to avoid embarrassment or to protect others.

I contend that the AWC staff’s reaction to me and two instructors can now serve as a Case Study of such subversion. The continued efforts to indoctrinate our military via the service academies, military universities, and war colleges using DEI and CRT must be stopped, lest we find a military no longer loyal to our Constitution and more beholden to dystopian ideologies.

I detailed this warning (noted below with specific highlights) in my original paper on Cognitive War in February 2019 and again in my recently released book, The Cognitive War: Why We Are Losing and How We Can Win, which is now available at bookstores.

Unless we adjust our future to account for the paradigm shifts that have occurred under our feet, our nation and its intelligence operations will once again awaken too late to a different reality, which is likely to end badly with significant and long-term impacts on our nation’s security and place as the world leader.

I project such a negative and reactive outcome to occur either because we lost the cognitive war totally, our adversaries succeeded in undermining our institutions and democratic foundation to such an extent they are no longer viable, or because our efforts to counter the cognitive domain came too late.

If we fail to act in the cognitive domain, we will likely end up in a major kinetic conflict resulting in devastating outcomes, in physical and human toll – from which recovery is questionable.

To try an address the circumstances involved, I opened a DOD IG Hotline complaint in November of 2023, after engaging the AWC for answers on this issue. The DOD IG noted that the complaint was closed on 4 Jan 2024 and that I could seek information via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request. I did, but when following up, I was then told in February 2024 that the FOIA could not be responded to, as the case was still open and is an ongoing investigation.

Key questions for the readers to consider include:

  • Did the AWC violate Mr. Haugland’s constitutional rights, and those of his two colleagues (a retired US Army Colonel and a retired US Army Command Sergeant Major)?
  • Why is it that neither he nor his colleagues have been contacted since October of 2023 given there is now a so called “ongoing” investigation as of February 2024, after he was informed in January 2024 that the Hot Line Complaint was “closed.”
  • Does the AWC promote academic freedom, or did they take inappropriate actions against the three former military involved?
  • Did the AWC, through their actions, reinforce the whole point of Mr. Haugland’s lecture that in this ongoing Cognitive War, the “issue” of transgenderism is being used to silence and subjugate others – not to advance any individual rights?
  • Why is there such an alarming lack of understanding of our Constitutional rights by the staff at the AWC?
  • Will the AWC or military academy students, given the push for DEI, CRT, and other woke agendas, be educated on the Constitution and on what an illegal order is – so that our own military is not used against citizens exercising their Constitutional rights?
  • Will accountability occur – as this is not a political issue – but an issue of following our laws and ensuring trust in our military?

Background – AWC lecture and response to criticism

Each year for the last five years (2019-2023) – I’ve been invited to lecture at the Army War College on Cognitive War. My opening remarks state:

  • I intend to challenge the audience and make them uncomfortable as if they are comfortable given the threats we face; then you’re not paying attention
  • I note that each officer or senior civilian has taken an Oath of office to the Constitution – and in doing so have signified they are willing to give up their life (military) for their country. I then ask – are you willing to give up your job for your country? Especially if given an unlawful order. And, do you know what an unlawful order is?
  • I then provide them with my definition of Cognitive War – from my book and the original paper I wrote on this subject)
    • Definition – Cognitive War – A primarily an ideological war, between tyranny and freedom, control and independence, subjugation, and democracy. It is a war fought primarily in the cognitive domain using strategies which apply various ways (e.g., ideology, religion, issues) and means (e.g., academic, economic, agriculture, social, military, etc.) to influence. In its most basic form, it is a war between good and evil. Cognitive war can and does include irregular warfare and kinetics. It is a war that has been ongoing for more than a millennium. It is timeless as mankind exists. Cognitive war is truly the existential threat that is global and domestic. In today’s U.S.A, few understand it, can defend against it, can compete in it, or win it. It can be won, but not if we are unwilling to change.

In my lecture during July 2023, I spoke about the use of the “issue” of Transgenderism being used not to advance rights, as all Americans have the same civil and constitutional rights, but to cancel, silence, and subjugate others while pushing an ideological agenda. I highlighted this issue, as it remains a predominant area of discussion across the US, in universities, businesses, etc.

Two students seemed very concerned about this. One noted he has a transgender friend and so asked, “Was he an enemy?” I stated absolutely not! I noted that support for a friend is different from using the issue of transgenderism (which has been misappropriated) as an ideological tool and weapon to silence, subjugate, cancel, or censor people. I also stated that the issue has nothing to do with advancing individual rights. I reinforced this by noting that all Americans have the same civil and constitutional rights, including transgenders, and all deserve to be treated with respect.

Unknown to me at the time, another student went to the lead AWC staff director for second-year studies, who manages the course, and stated that I was spewing “hate speech.” What you’ll read next is a chronology of events that occurred after my lecture, from which I learned that I was silenced and canceled, and my Constitutional rights and civil rights – from my view – were violated by the AWC staff. More so, a similar fate was rendered to the two retired US Army military because they had “invited” me to lecture.

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