Report: NPR CEO Hates First Amendment, Censored Wiki Content, Possibly Tied to U.S. Intelligence


by R. Cort Kirkwood, The New American:

Just before NPR editor Uri Berliner resigned from the leftist network this week after CEO Katherine Maher’s response to his now-famous essay, the City Journal’s Christopher Rufo disclosed just what kind of hide-bound leftist is running the show.

Maher “exemplifies the ideological capture of America’s institutions,” he wrote. In particular, she represents the rise of leftist white women to positions of power where they control a narrative and seek to destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with it.

Thus did Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger tell Rufo that Maher represents the death of a free and open internet. That’s doubly true, as Rufo strongly suggested, if Maher is a CIA or other U.S. intelligence asset.


Maher’s Deranged Leftism

Maher’s X feed and public speeches are “a window into the soul of a uniquely American archetype: the affluent, white, female liberal—many of whom now sit atop our elite institutions,” Rufo wrote:

What you notice first about Maher’s public speech are the buzzwords and phrases: “structural privilege,” “epistemic emergency,” “transit justice,” “non-binary people,” “late-stage capitalism,” “cis white mobility privilege,” “the politics of representation,” “folx.” She supported Black Lives Matter from its earliest days. She compares driving cars with smoking cigarettes. She is very concerned about “toxic masculinity.”

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