Rand Paul: A Brave Marine Lt. Colonel Stepped Forward and Revealed that 15 US Agencies Knew COVID-19 Was Created in Lab in 2018 – But They Kept It Secret from American Public (VIDEO)


by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), who happens to be a US Senator and a Doctor of Ophthalmology, released a stunning report on Tuesday where he discovered that 15 different federal agencies knew that the Wuhan laboratory in China was trying to create a COVID-19 virus and they knew this since 2018.

Not one single official or employee in these 15 agencies revealed the truth to the American public during the pandemic. They should all be fired.

Rand Paul announced on Sunday that a brave Lt. Colonel in the Marines stepped forward with the information on the COVID origins. He was the only honest person in 15 agencies brave enough to expose the truth.

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On Sunday, Senator Paul joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures to discuss this explosive revelation and more.

Maria Bartiromo:  Senator, real quick before you go, we’ve got to get into COVID as well. You are out with a report which shows that at least 15 federal agencies knew that gain-of-function research was being done in the Wuhan lab since what? 2018?

Senator Rand Paul:  Yeah, we know this because a whistleblower revealed it. Nobody in the administration has told us anything. We’ve gotten all of our information from whistleblower, but we now know it wasn’t just one agency that China was approaching. China made a presentation or an American representative, Peter Daszak, made a representation to 15 agencies about creating a virus that, guess what, looks suspiciously like COVID-19 and looks like no other virus in nature from that family. They were working on this and presented it to 15 agencies. And in 2020, when they saw COVID-19, they should have all been calling and raising the alarm and saying, “My goodness, we saw this two years ago. We knew the Chinese were doing this. Lo and behold, they did it.” Nobody in government came forward. Not one person. I take that back. A brave Marine, a lieutenant colonel, came forward and gave us that information, or today, we would still not know any of this.

Maria Bartiromo:  We haven’t seen any holding China to account for any of this, not just the leak, but then the cover up that followed. The Biden administration has yet to demand answers.

Senator Rand Paul:  The Biden administration has signed a pandemic treaty to give away all of our sovereignty so people from around the world, third-world countries that run these organizations, can tell us what to do, what kind of masks to wear, whether to wear goggles, earmuffs, and all the other ridiculous things that were offered up to surround ourselves by plexiglas. All the moronic ideas we’ve now farmed out. It’s not bad enough to have people in the United States telling us this. They farmed it out to an international treaty to let the rest of the world tell us how we’re going to live our lives the next time something bad like this happens.

As reported earlier…

In 2019 the virus escaped from the Wuhan laboratory at the same time US President Donald Trump had crippled the Chinese economy with his economic policies. The rest is history.

Dr. Tony Fauci, who funded the Wuhan laboratory for some reason, repeatedly lied to the American public about the origins of the virus.

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