Biden 8% Approval Means Panic & War – Martin Armstrong


by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong has new data on President Biden’s approval numbers.  Nearly two years ago, President Biden’s real job approval rating in America was just 12%.  More than one year ago, the real Biden approval number slipped to 9.5% (and stayed there) according to Armstrong’s world renowned “Socrates” predictive computer program.  Now, Biden’s rating tumbled again.  Armstrong says, “It is basically hovering around 7.5% to 8% at this stage.  I know this goes against the mainstream media, but if you look at Google, it is really politically motivated. . . . The other number you need to look at is the confidence in government, and it is at 28%. . . . This number is unheard of since World War II.  (I have another confidential data miner source who backs up Armstrong’s numbers, including the latest 8% job approval number, with nearly identical Biden job approval numbers going back two years.  So, yes, there are two solid sources for Biden’s true approval rating.)


You will never see Biden’s real numbers on the Lying Legacy Media (LLM), but everybody at the top of the D.C. swamp knows how weak Biden really is.

What does this record low Biden approval rating mean?  Armstrong explains, “What you have to be concerned about is our computer is showing a massive panic cycle in September.  This is very curious because the Democrat convention is August 19th. . . . At that convention, they can just draft somebody.  That has been the rumor for quite some time.  They know Biden is really quite pathetic.  The Neocons like him because they can do whatever they want.  The climate change people are doing the same thing. . . . The President is supposed to act as a referee in the cabinet, and he’s not even there 40% of the time.  The collapse in government is because all these agencies are just doing the wrong thing, and nobody is standing in-between.  You’ve got the State Department threatening World War III. . . .The problem is a government will fail when you can’t sell the new debt to pay off the old.  That’s when a default comes. . . . That’s how a default takes place.  You have these Neocons in the State Department constantly trying to create WWIII.  Why would you buy a 10-year bond in the face of war?  Interest rates always go up in wartime.  We don’t have a President running as referee between all these agencies.”

Armstrong says, “Everything is pointing towards war.”

Armstrong sees an important turn date coming up and explains, “If we don’t have war, the Fed may do a rate cut after May . . . . I don’t see Powell doing a rate cut at this stage.  Our computers see the economy expanding into May, and the ideal peak is May 7th.  After that, we are going to move into a recessionary atmosphere up to 2028.  It is an inflationary period, and inflation will be rising above economic growth, and that is stagflation.”

On record high gold prices, Armstrong says, “Gold prices go up when confidence in government goes down. . . . I expect the gold price will be at least around the $5,000 per ounce level by 2027 or 2028.” 

There is much more in the 50-minute interview.

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