APRIL 2024: Life will never be the same


from State Of The Nation:

SOTN Editor’s Note: The excellent analysis you are about to read below neglects to mention what is perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of the long anticipated month of April 2024.

That there are two highly influential threads woven through this month—a divine one and a satanic one.  For the various cosmic convergences detailed below are unquestioningly of a divine nature; whereas, the many mundane machinations are evidently of satanic origin.
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However, it’s the precise timing of so many cosmic and manmade events during a very small window of time which has majorly turbo-charged the potential for HUGE things to happen, and they will in 2024.

As for the mundane context: it simply does not get any bigger than the 2024 POTUS election. Not only is the outcome, if there even is an election, of great consequence to the United States of America, it’s inevitable impact on the entire planetary civilization cannot be overstated.

What’s the overwhelming tension: The Democrat Party must win the POTUS and therefore is working overtime to steal it by any means necessary. The Right is on to them after the 2020 election theft and is watching their every vote fraud and electoral crime as we write this. The question is: Will the RINO-dominated House and Senate do anything about it? (Probably not if history is any indication.)

Nevertheless, the fast-growing Patriot Movement will be different after April has come and gone; for the powerful energies associated with the April 8th Total Solar Eclipse are uniquely inspiring and empowering, edifying and enlightening.

As you will read below, the dark side will do everything possible to hijack those energies—BY EVERY MEANS POSSIBLE—which means anything from a frightening new ‘virus’ to launch another Plandemic biowar, an EMP detonation over the USA, a geoweaponry attack by triggering a major fault line or volcanic eruption, a series of shocking terrorist attacks in key cities, a nuclear meltdown at a power plant, etc.

What’s the crucial point?

Business as usual in America is no longer sustainable. No longer acceptable. No longer tolerable. The Uniparty has created a sustained national climate from which a perfect SUPERSTORM will emerge. And, however this superstorm manifests, and it will this year, it will begin to wash away all the filth and sleaze, depravity and degeneracy peddled by the Left and pushed by the cultural marxists 24/7.

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