ABC Moonbat: Global Warming Caused Earthquake, Eclipse


from Moonbattery:

The stupidity of the propagandists who install opinions via television is so massive, it could shake the earth and blot out the sun. Sunny Hostin exceeds the cognitive deficiency even of her cohosts on the ABC News program The View, as she confirmed today by suggesting that the imaginary climate crisis caused an earthquake and the eclipse.


First, she made fun of Christians:

Hostin, a self-proclaimed devout Catholic, laughed about how their studio makeup artist “put on her coat” and “ran down the hallway” during the earthquake saying “Jesus is coming” and “the rapture is here.”

Then Hostin tied the earthquake, multiple cicada broods, and today’s eclipse all together under a moonbat unified field theory:

“All those things together would maybe lead one to believe that either climate change exists, or something is really going on,” she proclaimed.

What’s going on is leftist social engineers are using their control of the media not merely to indoctrinate but to reduce the population to mental retardation.

People who watch that show vote.

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