Western Coverage of Russian Elections Awash in Disinformation


from Sputnik News:

Analyst Mark Sleboda criticized Western reporting on Russia’s presidential election and explained why President Vladimir Putin is so popular in Russia.
Russian President Vladimir Putin will return to the Kremlin this year with a renewed mandate, having won 87% of the vote in an election with over 77% turnout. The outcome suggests strong support for the leader among the Russian public, but Western media has repeatedly attempted to delegitimize the presidential contest with a combination of misleading characterizations, half-truths, and outright lies.

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International relations and security analyst Mark Sleboda returned to Sputnik’s Fault Lines program on Monday to break down mainstream media coverage of the election and explain why Putin enjoys such massive support in Russia.
“Putin has won this election by stunning margins,” said host Jamarl Thomas, with early results showing a convincing win for the Russian president immediately after polls closed on Sunday. “On some level people expected Putin to win it, and the question was going to be how much enthusiasm was there going to be in this race? And, apparently, there’s been a lot of it.”

All of the polls, of course – domestic polls, opposition polls, foreign polls, take your pick – whichever ones you don’t want to trust, they all show the same thing for the election,” noted Sleboda.

“Glancing over the absurdity of the Western media, it’s quite obvious they are not going to recognize the results of this election at all, which will make even a slim hope of diplomatic settlement of the current conflict in Ukraine essentially impossible going forward because they will not even recognize the results of the Russian election. But this is nothing new,” Sleboda said.

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