‘Net Zero’ Is WEF Plot to Destroy Food Supply


by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Net Zero” agenda is actually a plot to destroy the food supply and eliminate the working class, a new report has warned.

An investigation by the Institute for Community Studies (ICS) found that unelected globalists at the WEF and United Nations (UN) are using “climate change” fears to seize control of the masses.

While establishing the UN as a single-world government to tackle “global warming,” the WEF is seeking to destroy the food supply as we know it and replace traditionally farmed meat and dairy with products for mass public consumption that are controlled by globalists.

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In recent years, WEF elites have been attempting to demonize farming through fearmongering about “global warming.”

WEF members, such as Democrat President Joe Biden’s outgoing “climate czar” John Kerry, insist that traditional farming can be shut down and replaced because it fails to comply with “Net Zero” goals.

By banning meat and dairy products, globalists such as the WEF and Bill Gates (America’s largest farmland owner) can fill these large gaps in the food supply with their own manmade products.

In recent years, Gates has been busy promoting his lab-grown “meat” products that allow fake “beef” and “chicken” to be produced in factories without the need for livestock and farms.

The WEF, meanwhile, is pushing the meat and dairy products to be banned to “fight climate change.”

According to the WEF, the solution is to replace meat with insect-based “foods.”

A report from the ICS, titled “Our Journey to Net Zero,” concluded that the WEF is pushing “Net Zero” to “make the poor poorer, and push struggling communities further into deprivation and exclusion.”

The ICS report shows that the transition to Net Zero will cause a rise in unemployment, as carbon-intensive industries are forcibly restructured.

As a result, food will become limited and more expensive.

Meat and dairy products will become a luxury only the wealthy can enjoy while the general public will be forced to consume manmade processed “foods.”

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