MSNBC viewers in panic mode after reporters explain exactly how wildly popular President Trump really is…


from Revolver News:

The tide’s definitely turning, folks, and the waves are hitting so hard that even the propaganda media can’t keep the real story under wraps anymore. The bottom line? Biden’s taken the Democrat Party down a path that’s looking even more chaotic and bleak than what we saw under Obama. And let’s be real, that was a political bloodbath in its own right.

Here’s what CNN had to say about the political energy in the United States:


But it was MSNBC that delivered the biggest blow. Imagine their viewers catching this little tidbit below. You can almost hear the sound of liberal minds blowing across the country. It’s like a reality check, cutting through years of relentless propaganda and spin. As it turns out, the truth does hurt, doesn’t it? Ouch.

The reality of the current situation in the US boils down to policy, and this is how Americans are feeling. This is very bad news for Biden and the Democrats.

Scott Adams had a very keen observation about what’s going on right now in the 2024 race:

Dog not barking:

Is it my imagination or has the Trump campaign so far been flawless?

And is he doing that while fighting 91 indictments at the same time?

That’s some serious Ginger Rogers action. Same dance as Fred Astaire, but backwards and wearing heels.

Biden is struggling to read note cards.

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