Google and Election Interference


by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

Anyone with access to the internet from 2019 to 2020 can tell you that Google did, in fact, meddle in the 2020 US Presidential Elections in favor of then-candidate Joe Biden. Media Research Center found that Google interfered 41 times over the last 16 years, which is a drastic underestimation. Google continues to interfere in politics by using its algorithm to favor pro-Biden and anti-Trump results; even its failed AI system, Gemini, refused to criticize the Biden regime.

The issue is that Google is the most popular search engine. “Google” has become a verb; “Google” [insert search criteria here] for information. Not many realize that the information they are seeking on Google is censored, filtered, and deliberately presented to users in certain areas to align with its interests. Google heavily lobbies governments globally, but has an extreme sway over politicians within the establishment on the right and left.


“MRC researchers have found 41 times where Google interfered in elections over the last 16 years, and its impact has surged dramatically, making it evermore harmful to democracy. In every case, Google harmed the candidates – regardless of party – who threatened its left-wing candidate of choice,” MRC Free Speech America vice president Dan Schneider and editor Gabriela Pariseau co-authored. Again, Google targets ANY anti-establishment candidate, but the study found that the search engine pushes “electoral victory [for] the most liberal candidates, regardless of the party, while targeting their opponents for censorship.”

Armstrong Propaganda

This has been going on for many years, and the public is unaware that they have been subconsciously deceived. Google tried to protect Hillary Clinton in 2016 by suppressing unfavorable search results, and it protected Barack Obama in 2008 similarly. Google interferes in elections and business globally and has partnered with the World Economic Forum and other globalist cabals. The forces are doing everything in their power to remove our access to information amid this private wave where the public has lost all trust in the establishment.

Millions of people use Google daily to access information that is heavily censored and skewed in favor of left-leaning establishment politics. You can try it for yourself to see what search results appear when attempting to look up information about a particular situation or candidate. Google is not only altering information, but it is collecting your data while doing so.

I will explain in an upcoming blog post how Google and META bought the entirety of Congress. DuckDuckGo, Brave Search, and other search engines are far superior to Google. Bing, Google, and Yahoo, three of the most popular search engines, have all been compromised.

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