Fired Covid Nurse Goes Public, Exposes Mass Vaccine Deaths


by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

After she was fired for refusing to comply with her hospital’s vaccine mandate, a California nurse has gone public to blow the whistle on a major cover-up of deaths related to Covid mRNA shots.

Gail Macrae, a California intensive care unit (ICU) nurse, is speaking out to raise the alarm that the public is being misled about the injections and the true number of Covid patients.

Macrae is accusing the hospital where she worked of violating medical ethics.


She said this violation, which she believes is happening across the country and beyond, has resulted in increased harm to patients.

Macrae worked at the Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Santa Rosa from 2015 until 2021.

However, she was fired for not complying with the staff vaccine mandate.

After the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, Macrae witnessed a dramatic spike in hospitalizations and deaths.

She says patients were suffering from side effects she had never seen before.

Meanwhile, proven and recommended treatments were banned and record-keeping systems were manipulated to obfuscate vaccine-related injuries and breakthrough infection cases, she said.

She revealed that hospital officials ordered staff to cover up vaccinate-related deaths, often by listing fully-vaccinated dead patients as “unvaccinated” and marking the cause as “Covid.”

Hospital staff faced threats for reporting adverse events and deaths related to the vaccines, Macrae revealed.

She also stated that medical professionals were met with retaliation for objecting to protocols for isolating patients and denying families access and input over their treatments.

According to Macrae, in the first months of the pandemic hospitals were nearly empty as elective procedures halted — a scene that contrasted with media claims of overwhelmed capacity.

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