WEF Proposes Ban on Gardening


by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

The globalist overlords are attempting to block every option we have to remain independent from government tyranny. The World Economic Forum (WEF) has proposed a full ban on homegrown food, citing their favorite excuse – climate change.

That’s right, the WEF believes that home gardening is destroying the planet. “The impact on the environment is almost five times higher at 0.34kg per portion for individual gardens, such as vegetable patches or allotments,” they stated, alluding to a study by the University of Michigan that was funded by the very people supporting this agenda. “The carbon footprint of homegrown foods is five times greater than produce from conventional agricultural practices, such as rural farms, data show.”

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Fruit is apparently 8.6 times more eco-friendly when grown by government-controlled agencies, and vegetables are 5.8 times safer for the planet when grown under the same conditions. Tomatoes and asparagus were the only produce they identified as safe to grow at home. “We find that urban farmers and gardeners can reduce their net impact by focusing on foods that are high-carbon in conventional agriculture,” one of the study’s researchers claims. Obviously, all of this is absolutely ABSURD.

The elites want complete control over our food supply. They have already implemented numerous regulations to prevent people from hunting and fishing. Now, they demand that we peasants cease gardening at home and use studies they are funding as examples.

Ironically, the US government and others were promoting at-home gardening, such as “Victory Gardens,” during the last World War when food supplies were diminished. The people will be easier to control when they are hungry and weak. The globalists feel the need to control us in every aspect of life. Any agency associated with the World Economic Forum is not to be trusted, and the governments who comply with their demands are traitors who want to watch society crumble.

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