Venezuela is getting safer as criminals, single men and gangs flee to other countries…


from Revolver News:

A curious trend is unfolding in Venezuela. As military-aged men, criminals, and gang members leave the country, heading to places like the United States, something unexpected happens. Crime rates drop in Venezuela but rise in their new destinations. The reality here is not complex; it’s straightforward and should have been clear from the start. Remember when President Trump brought this up in his first term? He faced a storm of criticism, labeled “racist” and worse for simply pointing out what now seems undeniable: rapists, murderers, and other assorted bad guys are flooding into the US.


However, the absurdly ridiculous narrative pushed by the left paints a picture of every illegal as some humble, hardworking military-aged guy fleeing political turmoil. But that’s a dangerously naive view. This oversimplification glosses over the harsh truth: among those crossing into the US are thugs causing real harm. This isn’t just about border security; it’s about the safety of Americans who are now facing the consequences of this unchecked influx of bad guys. Our crime rates are climbing, and our cities are becoming less safe, all while countries like Venezuela see improvements, having shifted their problems onto us.

But it gets worse. A Venezuelan illegal murdered a beautiful 22-year-old American nursing student. Kristi Noem, one of Trump’s likely VP picks, spoke out.

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