Unhinged liberals want Tucker Carlson to face criminal charges over his journalistic interview with Vladimir Putin


by Cassie B., Natural News:

Liberals are melting down after Tucker Carlson aired an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling for the journalist to be charged with treason or the Espionage Act.

Carlson’s groundbreaking two-hour interview marks the first time Putin has agreed to sit down with an American journalist since the beginning of the conflict with Ukraine two years ago. Carlson has bravely spoken out against the Biden administration over its support for Ukraine.

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He explained that he wanted to conduct the interview because “Americans have a right to know all they can about a war they are implicated in.” The U.S. has sent more than $75 billion in assistance to Ukraine, including financial, military and humanitarian support, at a time when investments in national security and domestic concerns, such as border security, are sorely needed.

The interview, which can be seen on Brighteon, aired on Thursday, and Tucker has encouraged people to share it out of concern that some platforms may remove it.


Critics call for sanctions and charges

Critics, who have long accused Carlson of supporting Russia, started calling for him to be prosecuted under the Espionage Act before the interview even aired.

In a video posted to X, lawyer Ian Corzine said that although the interview might have technically been legal, he believes Carlson could have “some big problems ahead” given what he described as the “super broad” language of the Espionage Act, which bars Americans from spying on behalf of other countries.

However, he believes that the constitutional guarantee of freedom of the press would also come into play.

“Does Tucker Carlson have an intent to harm the U.S.? This is where the Espionage Act case against Tucker gets weaker, and it gets even more weak when you consider that the U.S. government is duty bound to follow the dictates of the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution guarantees freedom of the press, and the U.S. Supreme Court has done everything it can to protect this provision and journalists.”

He said that we can’t rule out the possibility that he might be prosecuted at some point in the future on “bogus charges.”

The White House can’t be happy that Putin was willing to say in the interview what they seem to be trying – and failing – to hide: Biden is not really in charge right now.

“We’re convinced he is not running the country,” Putin said. “Let’s say we have good sources that confirm that, but it’s plain for anyone to see for themselves. The U.S. has now entered a dark period. It has unaccountable leadership.”

Coverage of the interview in the mainstream media has been largely unfavorable, with the press questioning Tucker’s knowledge of history. They also complain that he let Putin do all the talking – an absurd criticism considering Putin was the subject of the interview. Hillary Clinton even called him a “useful idiot.”

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