Top 4 Conspiracy Theories About 5G That Are Coming True


by Lance D. Johnson, 100 Percent Fed Up:

The price we pay for high-speed internet is terrifying. The longer we spend time on our Smart Phones, near Smart Meters and around 5G antennas, the more we sacrifice the very health of our cells, our mitochondria, our DNA.

When 5G was first introduced in 2019, there was fierce controversy over the ill effects of electromagnetic radiation, and “conspiracy theories” emerged. In 2017, doctors and scientists petitioned against the 5G rollout in the EU due to potential cancer risks. Today, more independent scientists are documenting evidence that radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) pose harmful biological effects on every cell in the body, damaging the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell). This grave reality has led an entire city (Vaud in Switzerland) and an entire nation (Belgium) to place a moratorium on new 5G installations. More cities around the world are beginning to view 5G antennas as a source of environmental pollution. Here are four conspiracy theories about 5G that are coming true:


One: 5G amplifies EMF damage by forming free radicals

EMFs indirectly damage DNA by activating the body’s voltage gated calcium channels (VGCCs). Dr. Martin Pall’s research shows that EMFs cause VGCC’s to release excess calcium ions into the cells, leading to nitric oxide and superoxide formations that react further to form peroxynitrite and other free radicals. These free radicals, especially the peroxynitrite, damages DNA and hinders fertility, brain function and heart health. 5G is a silent catalyst for oxidative damage to the cells and a precursor to immunodeficiency, which has become all-too common in the population.

Two: Smart Meters maximize EMF pulses, doing greater damage to the body

Smart Meters emit pulsed wave radiation, letting off EMF bursts that come in rapid start-stop cycles throughout the day. Utility companies such as Pacific Gas and the Electric Company of California have testified in court that smart meters are pulsating waves between 9,600 to 190,000 times per day. Pulsed wave radiation is much different than continuous wave radiation. There are now 13 studies that point to pulse wave EMFS being more active and dangerous than continuous wave EMFs. These pulses put stress on the cells of the body. Essentially, Smart Meters are designed to do maximum EMF damage to the body.

Three: EMF penetration from Smart Phones causes negative effects deep within the body

According to the telecom industry, EMFs from Smart Phones only affect the outer 1 cm of the body. Users are warned not to wear devices directly on the skin. However, according to independent scientists, the damage to the body goes much deeper and penetrates the human brain, the heart and the endocrine system. EMFs can alter enzyme activity, leading to decline in sperm motility. Professor Hässig and his colleagues in Switzerland found an association between greater levels of oxidative stress and the number of 5G transmitters within a 100-to-199-meter distance. In the study, calves suffered various degrees of nuclear cataract, but the cataracts were more prominent when the calves were more readily exposed to 5G antennas. There was a relationship between the location of calves expressing nuclear cataracts in the first trimester of gestation and the strength of 5G antennas nearby.

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