The Illegal Immigration Invasion Isn’t Due to ‘Incompetence.’ It’s the Plan.


by Victoria Taft, PJ Media:

It’s not like the people paying millions of illegal aliens to come to the U.S. for some social experiment don’t know that what they’re doing is national suicide; it’s that they don’t care that it’s national suicide. That’s a feature, not a bug.

They don’t like the colonial power that the U.S. was way back when, and this is the payback. They know only what their woke teachers cribbed from Howard Zinn, and now they’re “making a difference!” by ruining their own country because it deserves to be a Third World hell-hole.


You can’t have complete strangers from entirely different cultures come to the United States in numbers that eclipse the populations of 36 states and expect unity and kumbaya. No, what you’ll get is a new caste system. What you’ll get are no-go zones featuring Muslim men raping “infidel” women on New Year’s, more “honor” killings, and a complete disruption again in undereducated American men chasing fewer jobs for less money.

Parents will worry, if they don’t already, about their kids going to the same school as kids who cannot read and write in their own language much less English, and knowing that their child’s advancement will go at the speed of the slowest kid. More kids means less spending per pupil. Where are all those teachers’ union swells crying about smaller classroom sizes? Oh, that’s right. They got their COVID raises and are keeping calm until it’s time for the next contract negotiation.

The NGOs and government adjacent activists are being given money by the feds and the U.N. to pay these chaos tourists $372 million of mostly our money with an eye toward increasing that amount in 2024. Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies says these payments are made by credit cards, vouchers, and envelopes of cold cash to people who just days before were counting their money in rubles or yuan.

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