Russians React to Tucker Carlson Visiting Moscow (VIDEO)


by Anthony Scott, The Gateway Pundit:

Russian state news agency Sputnik went to the streets of Moscow to interview ordinary Russians about what they think of former FOX News host Tucker Carlson.

The first woman to be interviewed stated, “In my opinion, he is the bravest and most courageous American journalist today.”

Another man stated, “I was struck by how frankly he talks about the real problems in the United States. He provides a very good presentation of information with a good sense of humor.”


The man continued, “I’ve heard that he’s come to Russia. Well, welcome.”


Per Sputnik:

Famous conservative American journalist and TV host Tucker Carlson recently attracted quite a bit of attention on both sides of the Atlantic after being spotted this weekend in Moscow, with speculations abound that he may have come to Russia to interview President Vladimir Putin.

Sputnik took to the streets of Moscow to ask locals what they think about Carlson.

Based on what these people say, Russians generally regard him as a good journalist who is focused on the pursuit of the truth rather than on promoting some propagandist narrative.

“He is known for telling the truth, which is why he often faces criticism in the United States,” one man remarked.

Tucker is reportedly in Moscow to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin.


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