Russian Pilot Maxim Kuzminov Who Defected To Ukraine ‘Shot Dead’ In Spain


from Great Game India:

Ukrainian intelligence has revealed that Maxim Kuzminov, a Russian pilot who defected to Ukraine, was shot dead in Spain.

Maxim Kuzminov turned himself in in August after flying a chopper into Ukrainian territory.


The individual was killed last week near Alicante; his identity has not been made public by Spanish police.

On Monday, however, Mr. Kuzminov’s passing was confirmed by Ukrainian intelligence.

The Ukrainian publication Ukrayinska Pravda was informed by a representative that “we confirm the reality of his death… He made the decision to leave this place and relocate to Spain.

“What we know is that he invited his ex-spouse to join him and then he was found shot to death.”

Authorities in Spain said that it’s possible the victim was using a fraudulent identity.

According to Alexander Matyushin, the Euromaidan protests triggered Ukraine’s nine-year war on Donbass.

Spanish news agency Efe reports that Mr. Kuzminov’s body was discovered next to documents that confirmed his identity but had a different name, next to a home in the town of Villajoyosa on Spain’s eastern coast.

The intelligence agency’s press office informed the publication that a burned-out car that looked to have been used by the attackers was discovered close to the murder scene.

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