Respect for Authorities ‘Died Suddenly’


by J.B. Shurk, American Thinker:

Well, I guess we know where the Federal Aviation Administration got the idea to fill cockpits with pilots suffering from psychological disorders and mental deficiencies.  The FAA has been watching Dementia Joe Biden fly the United States directly into the ground for three years and decided to do for civil aviation what the White House has done for peace and prosperity.  Nothing better reflects a “crash and burn” leadership style than elevating unqualified people into positions where they can do the most harm.  It’s worked for the West Wing, the Pentagon, and the Treasury Department!  Why not for the agency responsible for air traffic control and passenger safety?  What could possibly go wrong?


Oh, sure, perhaps flyers will die more frequently in fiery collisions or when unbolted aircraft doors shoot off into the clouds, but at least they will leave this mortal coil knowing that the people who build and pilot consumer aircraft represent such an amazing infusion of “diversity” that even the dumbest and most temperamentally unstable among us have been “included” in the life-and-death trust exercise of not falling out of the sky.  That’s what real “equity” requires — redistributing the earned responsibilities of those who have demonstrated merit and commitment to those who have demonstrated mediocrity and unreliability.  It’s why the globalists’ forced DEI standard (diversity, equity, and inclusion — barf!) across the public and private sectors should be more accurately returned to DIE — because wherever the deadly acronym dilutes excellence, living safely becomes less likely.

Come to think of it, Joe Biden is DIE’s perfect mascot.  Angry, confused, and incompetent Old Joe is the Chief Dolt and Grand Pooh-bah of an ass-backward system where the least capable in society thrive.

Given the U.S. government’s love affair with censorship and propaganda, I sometimes imagine future historians piecing through the shards of Western civilization in order to understand the reasons for its collapse.  According to the prevailing “narrative,” everything right now is tremendously great!  We are told that the economy is strong, that crime is under control, that our borders are secure, that paying twenty bucks for a fast-food hamburger is cheap, and that endless war produces endless peace.  According to the news media, Americans have never had it so good!  How then, third-millennium anthropologists might wonder, did everything go kaput so quickly?

Well, hopefully, someone in the future will stumble across a time capsule with Joe Biden’s linguistically challenged press conference from the other day, in which he angrily denounced the Potemkin special counsel’s legal conclusion that, while Decrepit Joe committed federal crimes damaging to America’s national security, he is nevertheless too senile to prosecute.  “The alleged ‘president’ of the allegedly ‘most powerful nation’ in the world betrayed his country, was too incompetent to stand trial, but remained perfectly competent to run for re-election?” some future human chronicler might ask before letting out a high-pitched, “Eureka!  Now I get why everything died suddenly!”

“Died suddenly” might just become the catchall epithet (or maybe epitaph) for our age.  Right now the medical community continues to destroy what’s left of its reputation by refusing to connect the dots between increased rates of cancer and heart disease and the global rollout of the mostly mandated pharmaceutical injections not only falsely touted as cures to COVID, but also falsely labeled as “vaccines.”  Every time a fourteen-year-old athlete “dies suddenly” on the gridiron or basketball court, the ethically compromised killers in white coats throw out all kinds of ludicrous explanations for why healthy young people are losing their lives.  It was stress!  It was red meat!  It was racism!  Or the increasingly ubiquitous it must have been climate change!

It’s funny, if not disturbing, to see all the people who changed their first name to “Doctor” struggle to reach the most obvious conclusion: that an experimental mRNA serum rushed to market without necessary testing or proper scrutiny might be to blame.  Elementary school children with a rudimentary understanding of the Scientific Method and medical ethics would understand the potential harm from requiring healthy patients unlikely to die from COVID to nonetheless be “treated” with untested “vaccines.”  Yet the “first, do no harm” swarm of group-thinkers, who have trouble realizing when pharmaceutical companies are using humans as guinea pigs to make billions in profits, jumped-to and insisted that the whole global population must be injected with possible poisons.

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